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Siena Tours

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With incredible views thanks to its hilltop setting and rich medieval history, Siena is one of central Italy's most charming destinations.

This beguiling Tuscan town is decidedly more mellow than nearby Florence, but still offers plenty to delight visitors. Wander the atmospheric centre, set inside the city's ancient walls, before refuelling at a cafe in the grand Piazza del Campo. With an abundance of alluring scenery and narrow cobbled streets to explore, Siena holidays are sure to thrill. 

Originally established by Roman emperor Augustus, Siena was a major city in the 12th and 13th centuries, covering an area as large as Paris. Today it has a rather more relaxed demeanour, although its long and rich history is still very much on display in the architecture and art collections of many of its monuments. The city is formed of 17 different districts, or contrade, each with its own church, museum and animal motif, as well as an array of shops and restaurants. Discover the strong local spirit and fascinating past of this remarkable city, as well as its unique neighbourhoods, on our expertly crafted Siena escorted tours.

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  • The chance to stroll around Montecatini
  • Excellent shopping and a fine array of restaurants
  • Enjoy a host of wellness therapies and treatments
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  • May 2022 - Oct 2022
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Things to see in Siena

Things to do in Siena

Food and Drink in Siena

Tuscan food typically revolves around simple, local ingredients cooked well.

The cuisine in Siena adheres to this principle. Traditional Sienese dishes include pappardelle alla lepre, ribbon pasta with hare; scottiglia, slow-cooked meats in tomato sauce; and crostini neri, liver on toasted bread.

Panforte di Siena, or 'Siena Cake', is said to date back to the 13th century and remains a popular dessert today. Ingredients including dried fruit, nuts, honey, syrup and a variety of spices are added to the mixture, giving it a dense texture and delicious flavour.

Having been the social heart of the city since the 12th century, the Piazza del Campo, or 'Il Campo' is lined with cafes and restaurants that provide prime relaxation opportunities.


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