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Palermo Tours & Holidays

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Located in southern Sicily, where the weather is stunning year-round, Palermo is an Italian masterpiece. As Sicily’s premier cultural and tourism destination, it also is an important centre for the region’s identity, offering hundreds of unique things to see and do.

Architecture lovers can meander through winding streets that pass Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque, and even Art Nouveau edifices. There are dozens of ancient churches to stand in awe at, as well as other religious structures featured in the UNESCO World Heritage Arab-Norman Palermo and the Cathedral Churches of Cefalu and Monreale. Then there’s the awe-inspiring palaces, the squares, and the remains of the city walls. Palermo tours can help you plot a route through the denseness of the city’s attractions, so you can see the best of it all.

Despite this wondrous past the area’s residents are very forward-thinking. Interspersed between the striking buildings and parks are lively bars, unique restaurants, and museums and galleries that show off the best of contemporary Sicily. Palermo escorted tours allow you to see amazing sights like the opera house, taking the stress out of your Italian holiday.

Things to see in Palermo

Things to do in Palermo

Food and Drink in Palermo

What’s better than creamy, delicious risotto? Shaping it into balls, dipping it in batter, and deep-frying it!

Arancini is a Sicilian specialty that you’ll have to control yourself not to gorge on – but definitely allow yourself a few over the course of your trip!

While many believe the best of Italian food is impossible to make without meat or dairy, the much-loved caponata – a vegetable medley dish that is defined by smoky aubergine – is a Palermo specialty that eschews animal-based products.

Enoteca Picone is a wine shop that somehow manages to be the best in a city known for its love of the nectar of gods. With over 7,000 labels to choose from, a peruse through here is a wine-lover’s paradise. Make sure to try the Alcamo Rosso, a local flavour.

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