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Holidays to Italy offer you a feast for the senses; flavours from one of the world’s best-loved cuisines; scents of mountain air and coastal breezes; warmth on your skin from the Mediterranean sun, and the sights and sounds of a place exuding history from its every pore.

Find yourself in a country whose people are bursting with passion, life and exuberance. Dip your toes into sparkling Lake Garda, framed by mountains, explore the idyllic isle of Capri and walk in the footsteps of one of the world’s great ancient empires, in eerie Pompeii.

Explore rugged coastlines, dotted with remote fishing villages, tread lightly on active volcano Mount Vesuvius, wander over the vineyard-clad rolling hills of Tuscany or simply relax on any of the country’s glorious beaches. If your interest in Italy lies in its history, the chance to take in Rome’s ancient heart, with its imposing Colosseum and ancient arches is not to be missed.

While Rome pulls at all who visit Italy, the country boasts so many worthy alternatives to the capital that you may find yourself unable to choose. Venice, a one-of-a-kind city, famed both for its location and its architecture, Florence, Tuscany’s Renaissance capital, hip Milan, fair Verona and Naples – set in the long shadow of Mount Vesuvius. 

And should the mainland and its trappings leave you wanting to explore even further afield, Italy’s major islands promise unique culture, laidback locals, sun-soaked beaches and simply wonderful foods. 

Whether you choose the clear air of the country’s mountainous north, the relatively undiscovered south east, the vibrant west coast or one of its many wonderful cities, one thing is assured: you will eat simply irresistible food and drink some of the world’s finest wine.

Wherever you choose to hang your hat, Italy is sure to offer a warm welcome.

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Discover Italy’s glories with Newmarket Holidays.


As with so many countries, to see everything that Italy has to offer could take months, or even years. Even getting around some of the major sites of interest can be quite a job; taking in Rome’s ancient streets, the lakes of the north, Capri and Milan alone could take the better part of a week or two. We’ve narrowed down the must-see, must-do things for your Italian holiday.


There is probably no better way to understand modern-day Italy than through its food. Food and a pride in the nations favourite dishes is nothing less than a source of national unity.
Each region in Italy produces and protects its share of the world’s favourite dishes, and some of its most revered produce, meaning a trip through the country is a culinary event unlike any other. Popular local dishes include pizza and pasta. While in Lake Garda, try yota – a stew made with beans, ham and garlic or ‘pike and polenta’. Pike is one of the species fished straight from the lake and is delicious served traditionally with a ‘Gardesana’ sauce and creamy polenta. Don’t forget to round off your meal with an ice-cream from one of the many gelatarie – we recommend stracciatella flavour, milk-based ice-cream with fine, irregular shavings of chocolate.
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