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Yellowstone National Park Tours & Holidays

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Join us on a holiday to Yellowstone National Park

Sprawling out over three states, the vast Yellowstone National Park can feel otherworldly thanks to its unique beauty.

Yellowstone holidays can encompass everything from spotting wild grizzly bears to soaking in the warm waters where hot wells spring up in the Gardiner River. 

Like the nearby Grand Teton National Park (an hour’s drive away) the Rocky Mountains plays a huge part in the dramatic landscapes of Yellowstone, and a tour with Newmarket Holidays is one of the best ways to experience the wild, rugged landscape. With that said, the park is mostly known for its unique geothermal features, including hot springs that can reach temperatures of two-hundred degrees celsius and beyond. Norris Geyser Basin is the hottest, oldest, and most active of these, but there are plenty of others to discover.

A key feature of Yellowstone Park holidays is the abundance of waterside walks and activities. The snaking Yellowstone River is great to follow for a simple hike, as is circumventing Yellowstone Lake, the vast body of water in the centre of the park. While a full day tour with Newmarket holidays can show you wonders like West Thumb and Mammoth Hot Springs, the park is much too large to just spend a day or two in. In fact, you could spend multiple days exploring just one corner of the park, like the lush Lamar Valley. 

Whether you’re the intrepid type or want to stay in the comfort of a vehicle while seeing some of America's most incredible gifts, a Yellowstone holiday is sure to excite and inspire.

Things to see in Yellowstone National Park

Things to do in Yellowstone National Park

Food and Drink in Yellowstone

Local produce is at the heart of the delicious food here at Yellowstone.

With a rustic feel and a casual atmosphere, you might be surprised by the impeccable quality of food on offer in the Old Faithful Lodge Dining Area. The menu is seasonal but always full of delicious favourites like trout or braised short rib, with all products (including beer and spirits) sourced locally. 

On the Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming boundary, the small town of West Yellowstone isn’t just a gateway to the park, but also home to some excellent bars to swap sightseeing stories with other travellers. The Buffalo Bar is a mixture of locals and tourists, and a friendly place to sip a cold beer after your day of exploring.

Of course, the option to pack a meal and camp out in Yellowstone for the night should also be on your list of things to do.

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