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Colorado Tours & Holidays

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Join us on a holiday to Colorado

Shimmering alpine lakes, snow-capped Rocky Mountains, and an endless horizon of arid desert: Colorado holidays offer all of this and plenty more.

The Southern Rocky Mountains form the spine of the state and are home to the Rocky Mountain National Park, which straddles the Continental Divide. Further south along the mountain range is the towering Mount Elbert, the second-tallest peak in the country. The prominence of the mountains also means an opportunity for Colorado ski holidays during the winter, with dozens of great ski resorts dotted around the state. In summer, secluded, idyllic destinations like Glenwood Springs allow you to stay in the heart of this rugged, beautiful scenery.

Outside of the American Rockies there’s plenty of stunning natural beauty. Mesa Verde National Park lies between the foothills of the famous mountain range and the low desert plateaus that make up much of the southwestern corner of Colorado State. Here, you’ll get unforgettable glimpses of unique wildlife, while also having the opportunity to see the impressive cave dwellings of an ancient Native American tribe known as the Ancestral Puebloans, or Anasazi. 

If you can pull yourself away from the panoramic views and glittering sunsets, the capital and most populous city Denver has dozens of excellent attractions. While its natural splendour is Colorado’s main draw, no trip to the state would be complete without a visit to this compact but vibrant city.

Things to see in Colorado

Things to do in Colorado

Food and Drink in Colorado

Fish are aplenty in the Colorado River

A firm favourite on menus throughout the Western state is trout – especially cutthroat trout. Best served simply, the fresher the better.

Another staple on Colorado menus are Rocky Mountain Oysters: a crunchy bundle of goodness, if you don’t think too much about what’s in them. The daring and the curious need to try this Colorado favourite, which consists of deep-fried bull testicles, served with a dipping sauce – just don’t be surprised when you keep coming back for more.

If you're looking for something a touch more comforting, nothing can beat a smothered breakfast burrito: a normal breakfast burrito covered in Denver's famous green chile. Just one will fill you up for most the day.

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