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Alabama Tours & Holidays

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Join us on a holiday to Alabama

When you think of Alabama holidays, you probably picture long, hot days, crazy wildlife, and American football fever.

However, the southwestern American state offers much more than these stereotypes, with friendly locals, fascinating native and colonial history, and one of the best local entertainment scenes in this vast country. With Newmarket Holidays, you can book an Alabama tour that showcases all these highlights and more.

Birmingham, Alabama is a must-visit on any Alabama tour. One of the epicentres of the Civil Rights Movement in the mid-20th-century, it’s now home to museums, galleries, and great dining options. If you’re also great if you’re a fan of rugged terrain The Red Mountain ridge is just outside the town, so you can enjoy a good trek without having to head too far out of civilisation.

Alabama is also known for its incredible country music scene. Holidays in Alabama will help you to discover the best of this much-loved genre, with close links to other country music states. Tennessee is just over the border, and the Colonial Life Arena in South Carolina is one of the most famous venues in the States for country performances. A visit to Fort Payne is also a must, as the Randy Owen and Teddy Gentry band Alabama were founded there, alongside a slew of other influential acts.

Alabama is also full of important landmarks, manmade and natural, with the state being home to 39 National Historic Landmarks, as well as eight National Parks. So, if you want to split your time between escaping into nature and delving into a unique culture, an Alabama trip could be just what you’re looking for.

  • 3 excursions included
  • Visit Elvis's home town, Tupelo, Mississippi
  • Beale Street in Memphis, the "home of the blues"
  • Discover Nashville, the world capital of country music
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  • Aug 2024 - Dec 2026
Deep South Rhythms, New Orleans & Caribbean Cruise
  • 4.01 (65 reviews)
  • USA, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico
  • 4 excursions included
  • 20 meals included
  • Discover Nashville, home of the Grand Ole Opry
  • Visit Memphis, Tennessee, home to the King
  • Spend two nights in the Big Easy, New Orleans
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  • 7 dates available
  • Sep 2024 - Nov 2025

Things to see in Alabama

Things to do in Alabama

Food and drink in Alabama

If there’s one food to try in the American South, it’s barbecue.

Grill masters are plentiful in Alabama, as are restaurants serving up delectable ribs, melt-in-the-mouth steaks, and smoky, charred corn that’s dripping in delicious butter. Ask a local for their favourite joint and prepare for a gut-busting experience.

Alabama has more navigable waterways than any other state in the US, so despite only having a small sea-border there are plenty of great fish dishes around. Catfish is a specialty of the region and for good reason: delicious, meaty, and good for you, try them grilled or fried for a proper Southern treat.

There’s nothing more southern than grits. The versatile cornmeal porridge is eaten at any time of the day, and in Alabama is considered a staple. Try a bowl with eggs and bacon for breakfast for the true American wake-up.

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