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Escorted tours of India

Where to begin when describing the wonders of India?

A vast land that has everything from icy mountain tops to arid desert. India is a country rich with history, culture, and some of the best street food in the world, making a visit to the subcontinent is so much more than your average trip abroad. Whether you’re a beach lover looking for paradise on our Kerala tour, a wannabe wildlife expert searching out the Bengal Tiger, or even pining to live in the lap of luxury for a while, you’ll find what you want in this incredible landmass.

With a Newmarket Holidays escorted tour of India you’ll be able to see much of what this truly unique country has to offer, although even with our expert guides and years of experience, you’ll only be able to experience some of what makes India so special. With that said, there’s no doubt that once you’ve had a taste of the subcontinent you’ll be itching to come back. 

On your India holiday you can explore the magnificent Taj Mahal and Amber Fort, and trek through some of the world’s wildest national parks. India is great for solo travellers and groups alike too, with local guides able to shepherd you through South India and the backwaters of gorgeous Kerala, and teach you all about the holy River Ganges. There truly is nothing like India, and once you visit, you’ll see why.

Our featured India tours

Experience the fantastic destinations of Northern India’s Golden Triangle on one of our sensational and enlightening tours. See the famed, endangered Tigers of Ranthambhore or stand behind shadow of the mighty Himalayas. Our selection of India tours won't disappoint.

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Things to see in India

There’s a reason why the India remains one of the most visited destinations in the world: it simply doesn’t disappoint. From the Taj Mahal, the ultimate expression of the painful beauty of love and grief, to Ranthambore National Park, every corner of India is exceptional.

India tour highlights

Things to see and places to visit on your escorted tour of India

India by region

With an incredible 1.2 million square miles, there is simply so much land to explore in India. While it's no secret that there is unique cultural diversity in the South Asian nation, the landscapes also vary widely, from the dramatic Himalayan peaks of the north, onwards to the lush coastal region of Kerala in the south.

India FAQs

First trip to India? Here are a few questions you might have.

Time Zone
GMT +5.30 hours
Avg. Flight Time
8.5 hours
Visa Required
Visa required
Indian Rupee
  • To get the best of your Indian adventure, we recommend the following tours:

    If you'd like to see more India tours, check out our website.

  • While Delhi and Mumbai are modern cities, it’s best to dress modestly in regional areas. At sacred monuments and religious sites, wear covered clothing and bring along a scarf in case you need to cover your head as a sign of respect.


  • India has a varied seasonal and geographical climate. Generally, the north of India is cooler, the centre of the country is hot and dry, and the south enjoys a tropical climate. Determining the best time to travel largely depends on the areas you’re interested in visiting and the climate there.


  • No, you don’t. While Hindi is India’s national language and is spoken by more than half of its citizens, English is spoken widely throughout India. In fact, most children learn English during their schooling. Many Indians in the major cities speak and understand English, and most street and shop signs are also displayed in English.


  • Absolutely. One of the best parts of India is the delicious cuisine. While it’s known for its spicy curries, if you walk on the milder side of life, you can still enjoy naan, butter chicken, dosa, chutneys, dahi wada, malai kofta, and more. Check out our guide to Indian cuisine on our blog.

  • The Indian rupee is the official currency of India. Visit XE to see the current exchange rate.

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