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Discover India, a country like no other. A country full of colour, excitement and intrigue. A country of scents, sights and sounds. A country of mountains, deserts, plains, beaches, megacities and jungle. A country so captivating, your holiday to India will live long in the memory.

Walk the streets of vast bustling, bewildering cities and gaze through time at preserved remnants of the British Empire and East India Company, set alongside the glittering buildings of modern-day India. Hear the timeless cry of chai wallahs selling their sweet tea and smell the scent from freshly strung jasmine flowers, in markets as full of life as any in the world.

Travelling with Newmarket Holidays, discover the north’s Golden Triangle. Hold your breath and feel the goose bumps rise, as the sun slowly sets behind the Taj Mahal, keep a watchful eye for the elusive tigers of Ranthambhore National Park and bear witness to the deeply spiritual ritual of pilgrims bathing in the sacred Ganges at Varanasi. Farther north still, breathe in crisp mountain air in the foothills of the Himalayas.

To the south, unwind totally as you float through Kerala’s languid backwaters on your own kettuvallam houseboat. Sample delicious teas at a hill-country plantation. Choose to watch local fishermen haul in their catch, through crashing waves, or indulge yourself with a treatment in one of the subcontinent’s many ayurvedic spas.

Wherever you holiday in India, be sure to take time out to get to know its welcoming people; understand the complexities of the country’s numerous unique cultures and religions, and to feel the warmth of welcome for which the country is so famed. With our friendly, experienced Tour Manager there to guide you along the way, let us take care of you.

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Experience the fantastic destinations of Northern India’s Golden Triangle on one of our sensational and enlightening tours. See the famed, endangered Tigers of Ranthambhore or stand behind shadow of the mighty Himalayas. Our selection of tours to India won't disappoint.


You will find no shortage of things to do on your Indian holiday. This is a country of endless possibilities and endless options, with over 1 billion residents, 22 official languages, a history of kingdom and empire, and some of the world’s most impressive landscapes and wildlife. A simple day spent tasting street-food in Mumbai’s exciting Colaba district or another taking a tour of one of Madurai’s incredible temples is likely to give you great insight into the working of this fascinating country. However, if you’re planning your Indian holiday, we think that experiencing at least one of the below is an absolute must.


The seemingly ubiquitous curry of Western restaurant-fame is just one string on India’s thickly strung culinary bow. Walk through the market in any village, town or city and you’ll find the air bursting with the aromatic scents of picked herbs, farm-fresh produce and freshly ground spices.
Not content with significant regional variation, India’s cuisine boasts huge variation from town to town and from city to city. A journey of 50 miles is frequently enough to see a marked change in local specialities. Your holiday to India would not be complete without trying dosa, a thin and crispy savoury pancake filled with lightly spiced mashed potato and served with a selection of piquant sambals, often served in the country’s south. Being a largely coastal region, the south also boasts some quite incredible fish – often a feature of Goan curries. To the east you’ll be treated to peppery hints of the Orient, with Chinese street-food being readily available in Kolkata. India’s Thar Desert to the west and the northern region that surrounds it offers spicy, thick curry and an array of wonderful breads. Whichever part of India you choose to visit be sure to try the wide variety of biryanis, bhajis, puris, pakoras on offer. In hot weather, Indians choose to drink piping hot, thick sweet chai tea – often bought from a chai wallah with an urn attached to a cart, bicycle or motorbike. If you’re after something cooler, though, try lassi, a chilled yoghurt-based drink that’s often sweetened with mango – it’s also great for battling against any overpoweringly strong spices.
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