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Escorted tours of the USA

From soaring mountain peaks down to arid desert plains; from breathtaking national parks to sun-drenched surf beaches, the landscapes of the USA are simply astounding. Throw in some of the most progressive and glamorous cities in the world, and you’ve got a recipe for the ultimate tour of the USA.

Join us on a journey of discovery with our escorted USA holidays and tours; the best way to experience the highlights of an incredible country. Feel the buzz in New York’s glowing Times Square, spot wildlife in a sprawling network of national parks and brush shoulders with cowboys in the Lone star state of Texas.

Escorted tours in the USA are meant for soaking up the laid-back, Californian vibes in Malibu, immersing yourself in the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles, and hopping on a streetcar in laid back San Francisco. Further inland, the weird, wacky and wonderful combine in tantalising Las Vegas, while the rich and famous hide away in manicured Palm Springs.

Spend your USA tour traversing the depths of the Grand Canyon, one of the world’s most remarkable geological wonders, or take in Yellowstone National Park, a verdant oasis flourishing on top of a dormant (but active) volcano, or weave your way around the desert dunes of scorching Death Valley. Keep a cautious eye out for indigenous black bears roaming the forests across many of the western states.

To the east, you can soak up the many cultural delights of Washington, New York and Boston. Time your holiday in the USA to arrive in autumn and be dazzled by the spectacular autumn colours in New England, travelling through the picturesque landscapes of Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, known for their stunning woodlands and untouched lakeside walks.

Head northwards to the divide between the States and Canada and experience the breathtaking Niagara Falls, or take a deep dive into the southern States and explore the vibrant cultures of Nashville and Memphis in the heartland of Tennessee, where legendary country stars Elvis and Dolly Parton made their names.

Road trips across the States are one of the best ways to experience the ever-changing landscapes, myriad attractions and melting pot of cultures. The vast country has some of the best and most picturesque roadside views in the world, and you can reach almost every desirable destination in our USA tours by road; pack up the trunk and set out on the American adventure you’ve always been dreaming of with Newmarket’s escorted tours of the USA.

Do you have some misgivings about the price of a trip to the USA? While some elements of travel through the States can be expensive, there are plenty of options for cheap holidays to the USA for those on a budget. Once your initial flight has been booked, there are many affordable ways to travel between and within states.

A staggering 3,000 miles wide, and a jigsaw of 50 diverse states, there is so much of America to explore. Fiercely fascinating and totally addictive, holiday tours of the USA are always one to remember. Whether you want to experience the restaurant and bar scenes of the States’ most electrifying cities, or you long to feel the wind on your face as you stroll through bluegrass-backed countryside, the variety and scope of multi centre USA holiday is unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere.

Our featured USA tours

Join us to discover highlights of the USA one one of our wonderful holidays to America packages.

  • 3 Excursions Included
  • Flights Included - 5 Airports
  • 02 November 2023
  • 3 Excursions Included
  • Flights Included - 2 Airports
  • 66 Dates - Feb 2024 - Dec 2026
  • 6 Excursions Included
  • Flights Included - 7 Airports
  • 6 Dates - Sep 2024 - Oct 2024
New Popular
  • 3 Excursions Included, 5 Meals Included
  • Flights Included - 1 Airport
  • 2 Dates - Apr 2024 - Sep 2024
  • 5 Excursions Included
  • Flights Included - 1 Airport
  • 8 Dates - Sep 2024 - Nov 2025
Popular No single supplement
  • 3 Excursions Included
  • Flights Included - 1 Airport
  • 7 Dates - Sep 2024 - Nov 2025
  • 3 Excursions Included
  • Flights Included - 3 Airports
  • 9 Dates - May 2024 - Nov 2025
  • 20 Meals Included
  • Flights Included - 1 Airport
  • 7 Dates - Apr 2024 - Sep 2025
  • 11 Excursions Included
  • Flights Included - 2 Airports
  • 4 Dates - Sep 2024 - Oct 2024
  • 6 Excursions Included
  • Flights Included - 1 Airport
  • 4 Dates - May 2024 - Nov 2024
  • 6 Excursions Included
  • Flights Included - 1 Airport
  • 4 Dates - May 2025 - Nov 2025
  • 6 Excursions Included
  • Flights Included - 1 Airport
  • 8 Dates - Sep 2024 - Oct 2025
  • 5 Excursions Included
  • Flights Included - 1 Airport
  • 7 Dates - Oct 2024 - Nov 2025
  • 4 Excursions Included
  • Flights Included - 2 Airports
  • 11 Dates - Mar 2025 - Nov 2025

Deep South Rhythms, New Orleans & Caribbean Cruise

USA, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico
  • 4 Excursions Included, 20 Meals Included
  • Flights Included - 1 Airport
  • 2 Dates - Sep 2024 - Nov 2024
  • 4 Excursions Included
  • Flights Included - 1 Airport
  • 3 Dates - May 2025 - Oct 2025
  • 21 Meals Included
  • Flights Included - 1 Airport
  • 4 Dates - Sep 2024 - Oct 2025
  • 1 Excursion Included, 24 Meals Included
  • Flights Included - 1 Airport
  • 22 April 2024
  • 4 Excursions Included
  • Flights Included - 1 Airport
  • 3 Dates - May 2025 - Oct 2025

USA Tours for Solo Travellers

Be inspired to travel solo. Newmarket Holidays welcomes solo travellers on all our group tours. In fact, many of our customers choose to join our tours on their own. And the best part is: you won’t really be alone. With a group of like-minded travellers and a friendly, informative tour manager (as well as incredible locals all over the world!), you will love your holiday experience. Joining a tour as a solo traveller is also a guaranteed way to feel safe and confident when travelling alone. While you can join any of our regular tours on your own, we also have a range of tours designed exclusively for solo travellers.

Things to see in the USA

USA tour highlights

Things to see and places to visit on your escorted tour of the USA.

USA by region

With 3.8 million square miles of land, when it comes to your USA holiday, it helps to divide and conquer. From the spicy Creole cuisine and atmospheric bayous of the Deep South to the refined, autumnal university towns and forests of New England, take a look at which destinations and escorted tours best suit you.


First holiday in the USA? Here are a few questions you might have.


Time Zone
GMT -5
Avg. Flight Time
8 hours (Washington DC)
Visa Required
Visa required
US Dollars
  • To get the best of your USA adventure, we recommend the following tours:

    If you'd like to see more USA tours, check out our website.

  • The USA is known for being a world leader in music, art and popular culture. Home to Hollywood, the USA is one of the most prolific producers of film and television internationally, pioneering motion picture engineering and technology over the years.

    The nation also has a diverse array of national parks including Yellowstone, Zion, Grand Teton, Yosemite and the Grand Canyon.

  • The United States dollar is the official currency of the USA. Visit XE to see the current exchange rate. 

  • As the UK is an active member of the Visa Waiver Program, British citizens holidaying in the US for less than 90 days will only need to apply for an Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) online. These are valid for two years after issue.

  • From London, it takes just under eight hours to fly to New York City and just over 11 hours to reach Los Angeles.

  • Considering the US is a diverse nation, American cuisine is a melting pot of cultures. Generally, staple foods in the US is made up of grains, so this includes cereal, bread, pastas and snacks. Corn syrup also features heavily in US cuisine as well. During your trip, be sure to try iconic national foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, buffalo wings, mac and cheese, grits and apple pie.

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