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From soaring mountain peaks down to arid desert plains, and from breathtaking national parks to sun-drenched surf beaches, the landscapes of the USA are simply astounding. Throw in some of the most progressive and glamorous cities in the world, and you’ve got a recipe for the ultimate holiday destination. Join us to discover American highlights on our escorted holidays to the USA.

Feel the buzz in New York’s glowing Times Square, spot wildlife in a sprawling network of national parks and meet a real-life cowboy in the Lone star state of Texas. 

Soak up the laid-back, Californian vibes in Malibu, the glitz in flashy Los Angeles and let the streetcar take the strain in laidback San Francisco. Further inland, the weird, whacky and wonderful combine in tantalising Las Vegas, while the rich and famous hide away in manicured Palm Springs.

Travel to the depths of the Grand Canyon, one of the world’s most remarkable geological wonders, or take in Yellowstone National Park, the verdant oasis flourishing on top of a dormant (but active) volcano, or weave your way around the desert dunes of scorching Death Valley. Keep a cautious eye out for indigenous black bears roaming the forests across many of the western states.

To the east, you can soak up the cultural delights of Washington, New York and Boston. Time your holiday to arrive in autumn and be dazzled by the spectacular fall colours in New England, travelling through the picturesque landscapes of Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

A staggering 3,000 miles wide, and a jigsaw of 50 diverse states, there is so much of America to explore. Endlessly fascinating and utterly addictive, a holiday in the US is sure to be one to remember.

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Join us to discover highlights of the USA one one of our wonderful tours.


The iconic cities of the US need no introduction, and the sheer natural beauty of this continent strikes with awe. From red-rock deserts to mighty glaciers, America is a diverse country both culturally and geographically. Whether you're exploring the sophisticated cities of the east coast, relaxing on a virtually undiscovered beach, or climbing the iconic crags of the Grand Canyon –America is certain to take your breath away. Here’s our list our some of the unmissable things to see or do on your holiday in the US.


Ditch that concept of oversized greasy fast foods, there’s so much more to the American culinary scene than hamburgers. The USA has an endless culinary creativity, with influences from elsewhere – German, British, Italian, Dutch, French, and Caribbean are only some of the cultures that have contributed to American cuisine.
Northern states such as Washington and Oregon are famous for delicious wild salmon, while California excels in shrimp specialties. The Jewish delis of New York, which owe so much to the Middle East and, of course, the humble pizza pie, which must be indebted to a certain boot-shaped European nation. Glorious Napa Valley, home to endless rows of sunny vineyards, produces some of the world’s finest crisp wines to pair with your meals. To the south, the wonderfully aromatic Creole food takes reign. This spicy fragrant fare is reputed to have roots variously in French, Spanish, Indian, Caribbean, Portuguese, Greek, West African, Italian and Irish cuisine. Be sure to try a traditional gumbo while in New Orleans, American-style health-conscious sushi while in LA and, of course a sour mash whiskey over ice in the southern heathlands. American cuisine is a dynamic melting pot of cultural and culinary influences. You certainly won’t go hungry in this enchanting country.
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