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3 beautiful regions to explore in Norway

Vast, rugged, spectacular and unendingly outdoorsy, Norway is a wonderful place to explore.


Norway is the travel destination dreams are made of. In this delightful Scandinavian country, you can find colourful cities, famous fjords, a complex network of waterways that were formed during the glacial period many thousands of years ago, and historic Viking ships.

There are just so many essential things to do in this one-of-a-kind country. From exploring the meandering fjords by boat to following foodie trails in the cities, here are our three favourite regions of Norway:

Vestland County - Sognefjorden, Jostedal Glacier, and Bergen

Norway's fjords are one of the main attractions not to be missed on tours to this pristine Nordic country, available for visitors to enjoy from spring through to autumn, each season offering a different experience. Begin your journey in the picturesque village of Balestrand, a charming settlement nestled beside the breathtaking Sognefjorden, known informally as the King of the Fjords (it is the largest and deepest fjord in the whole of Norway), and take a cruise to explore the expanse of this stunning body of water.

Head into Balestrand itself for a bite to eat, wander around the charming shops in search of a keepsake, or try authentic Norwegian apple cider with a cider-tasting afternoon.

Venture further afield to Jostedal Glacier, the largest glacier in the whole of continental Europe. It is another fantastic place where the true power and magnitude of Norway’s nature can be experienced to its fullest, offering some incredible views and hiking opportunities. 

For a city experience, try Bergen. The city is the historical gateway to the fjords and offers the perfect union between city life and nature: explore the narrow cobbled streets, eat the most delicious freshly caught fish from the world-famous fish market, take in some of the city’s vibrant history as the birthplace of prominent composer Edvard Grieg, and take a journey on the quaint hillside railway up the scenic slopes of Mount Fløyen.

Finnmark County - Tromsø

Aside from the fjords, one of the most exceptional aspects of our Norway tours is experiencing the Northern Lights in all their glory. Head to the pristine vastness of Northern Norway for a chance to spot the ethereal Aurora Borealis. 

At the door to the Arctic Circle you’ll come across the unique city of Tromsø, a cosy settlement that has its roots in the Middle Ages, and where you’ll find a bustling city of colour and culture, framed by striking snow-capped slopes that contrast beautifully with its dark rocky crags. The city has a rich history as the starting point for Arctic expeditions: explore this in-depth with a visit to the Polar Museum, the Polaria aquarium, the Tromsø museum and the incredible contemporary Arctic Cathedral, showcasing architecture that imitates the snow-white slopes between which it sits.

Tromsø is the perfect base from which to explore the edge of the Arctic in all its glory. In this rugged wilderness, you may just be lucky enough to see the phenomenon that is the Northern Lights, caused by charged sunlight particles meeting the atmosphere. The best time to experience the lights is between autumn and early spring when the nights are at their longest.


We’ve saved the capital for last. Oslo, both a county and city, is Norway’s urban pride of joy. Located in a beautiful location on Oslofjord, an inlet in the southeast of Norway, the charming capital is surrounded by tranquil waters and dense forests. 

Oslo is packed with plenty of cultural attractions to appeal to a wide range of travellers. Culture lovers might like to head to the National Gallery, where the haunting The Scream painting hangs, while history lovers might not be able to resist one of the world’s most well-preserved Viking ships at the aptly-named Viking Ship Museum. Foodies simply cannot go past Maschmanns Foodmarket, for a range of local delicacies.

Discover a land of magnificent fjords and mighty mountains with us on a tour to Norway. Book today.

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