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West Coast USA Tours & Holidays

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West Coast America holidays can mean anything from taking in the bright lights of Los Angeles, marvelling at human and natural wonders like the Golden Gate Bridge and the Grand Canyon, and exploring the untamed beauty of Washington State.

This vast, varied landscape is also full of secluded spots to get away from it all, from the picturesque private beaches of Santa Monica to hidden trails in the wilds of Yosemite National Park. With Newmarket Holidays West Coast tours you can delve into all of this and more.

There is quite literally something for everyone on a West Coast holiday. Nature lovers can go whale watching in San Diego, history buffs can learn about the Wild West in interactive historical towns, and silver screen lovers can see the spiritual home of Western Cinema in Los Angeles. Of course, you can do it all via that great North American tradition of a road trip, soaking in the sights during your West Coast USA holiday. And that’s before we mention the incredible food and drink, with world-class Michelin starred restaurants coexisting happily alongside highway diners and cheap food trucks, they all serve up something delicious and uniquely American.

Whether you’re a movie buff, a seasoned hiker, or just looking for the adventure of a lifetime, the West Coast of America is the perfect destination for you. 

Hollywood, Vegas & the Grand Canyon
  • 4.22 (122 reviews)
  • USA
  • 3 excursions included
  • Spend three nights close to Los Angeles
  • Visit Hollywood, the movie capital of the world
  • See the Grand Canyon, and stay to watch the sun rise
Best seller
    • Flights Included
  • 10 days from: £1440pp
  • Was: £1599pp
  • 5 airports
  • 13 dates available
  • Sep 2022 - Nov 2023
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America's Golden West
  • 4.25 (153 reviews)
  • USA
  • 3 excursions included
  • See the sights of San Francisco
  • Visit Hollywood – the movie capital of the world
  • Three nights in non-stop, 24-hour Las Vegas
Best seller
    • Flights Included
  • 14 days from: £2048pp
  • Was: £2409pp
  • 7 airports
  • 11 dates available
  • Sep 2022 - Nov 2023
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Things to see on the West Coast

Things to do on the West Coast

Food and Drink on the West Coast

Californian wine is famous around the world for its quality and taste

If you're on a tour through the West Coast, a wine tour should be on your list of things to savour during your trip. If you’re a budding sommelier, a visit to the Napa Valley won’t disappoint.

Much of America’s West Coast has seen massive immigration from East Asian countries, which means pan-Asian cuisine in this part of the world is often as good as in the countries the dishes originate from. Make sure to try everything from Sushi to Szechuan to Bibimba. 

Food on the West Coast is wonderfully varied, however it would be impossible to visit and not try some classic American staples, whether it is at a Michelin starred restaurant or a simple diner.

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