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Deep South Tours & Holidays

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The Southern US states are their own country within a country.

The Deep South’s unique and varied culture is matched by its astoundingly diverse natural scenescapes, with everything from swampland to mountains, making it a region you don’t simply pass through. 

With massive metropolitan hubs like Atlanta, Austin, and Tennessee sitting alongside tiny towns with populations in the hundreds, you can’t simply categorise the Southern US’s culture as one monolith. There’s a wealth of interesting and progressive art, music, and entertainment being produced in the Southern US states, and with Newmarket Holiday tours you’re sure to discover the best of it.

Food and drink is something else this region does differently. Southern US desserts are known for their gut-busting nature, but it’s the savoury dishes that are really special. Barbeque is a way of life here, and the blend of cooking traditions and cultures makes food in the South a rich stew. While the most famous dishes are meat-heavy, there’s still plenty of grub for those who have other dietary requirements. 

The Southern US states are also home to some of America’s most beautiful national parks, like Everglades National Park and Big Bend National Park. Outside of these designated spots there’s also unique wildlife and natural features, ranging from the vast emptiness of the desert to the golden sands of North Carolina. Really, there isn’t anything this special region doesn’t have – it’s just up to you to take the leap.

  • 3 excursions included
  • Visit Elvis's home town, Tupelo, Mississippi
  • Beale Street in Memphis, the "home of the blues"
  • Discover Nashville, the world capital of country music
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  • 9 days from: £1425pp
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  • 2 airports
  • 69 dates available
  • Aug 2022 - Dec 2024
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  • 6 excursions included
  • Spend two nights in New Orleans, the laid-back Big Easy
  • Discover Nashville, world capital of country music
  • Spend two nights in Memphis, Tennessee, home of Elvis Presley
    • Flights Included
  • 14 days from: £2025pp
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  • 2 airports
  • 7 dates available
  • Sep 2022 - Nov 2023
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Deep South Rhythms, New Orleans & Caribbean Cruise
  • 4.01 (65 reviews)
  • USA, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Mexico
  • 4 excursions included
  • 20 meals included
  • Discover Nashville, home of the Grand Ole Opry
  • Visit Memphis, Tennessee, home to the King
  • Spend two nights in the Big Easy, New Orleans
    • Flights Included
  • 16 days from: £2637pp
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  • 2 airports
  • 6 dates available
  • Jan 2023 - Nov 2023
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Things to see in the Deep South

Things to do in the Deep South

Food and drink in the Deep South

Picking one Southern US dessert to highlight is nigh-on impossible

However, Chess Pie is as close as you’ll get to a sweet dish that defines this region. Simple, sweet, filling: it’s the perfect way to cap off a good meal.

Saying each state has its own fiercely defended version of what the perfect barbeque is would be an understatement, with the arguments running much deeper than simply geographical differences. Luckily, as an outsider, all you’re expected to do is enjoy each variety.

Beans and greens is a cheap, healthy staple that has its roots in the intersection of slave and native cooking styles. One of the few consistently served meals that can easily be made suitable for veggies and vegans, even if you’re an avid meat eater make sure you don’t miss out on this simple yet delicious dish.

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