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Why you should travel on an escorted tour

Enjoy a stress-free trip with one of our informative tour managers - and always have someone to take your picture!

Is it time to head out on an escorted tour?
Is it time to head out on an escorted tour?

Depending on who you chat to, there are conflicting views on whether to travel the world independently or on an escorted tour. There are travellers keen to set out, life squeezed into their rucksack, taking it country by country on their own. Then some believe holidays should be hassle-free, a time to unwind and appreciate the best of what the world has to offer. Of course, some fancy a bit of both.

Neither is right or wrong, it simply comes down to the individual's taste, preference, budget and ability. If you’re busy planning your next escape and haven't quite defined your travel style just yet, here are seven reasons why an escorted tour might be for you. 

Make friends, minus the awkwardness

Perhaps you’re looking to travel without your partner or long-time friend on your next trip. Only thing is, you’re wondering who you’re going to chat to. You’re not the type to talk your tour manager’s ear off and you don’t speak the local language either. The solution? Consider a solo tour!

"Solo tours offer the perfect opportunity for our guests to mix with people who share the same interests in destinations, sightseeing and activities, sharing inspirational moments and making lifelong memories," says Newmarket Holidays senior product manager Joanna Roberts.

Newmarket Holidays' recently launched range of solo tours will allow you to meet new people in a laidback setting. You'll have the chance to hit it off with someone who shares your travel interests.

Some of our customers have formed life-long friendships on our escorted tours, even going on to plan further trips together. "A friendly tour manager is always on hand to facilitate welcome gatherings, drinks and meals so that you can mingle as much – or as little – as you wish," says Jo.

"They will typically meet you at your overseas airport and accompany you to your hotel, be with you during excursions and at included meal times too."

Enjoy the stress-free holiday you deserve

"Joining an escorted tour takes the hassle out of planning, organising and booking all the elements of your perfect holiday. Let us take care of all the little details, then just turn up and enjoy your holiday," says Jo.

Rather than worrying about whether you're fitting enough into your holiday, or stressing about the intricate details on our escorted tours, you can simply relax and take in the sights. It's how holidays should be.

Save your hard-earned money

Unless you've got a ferocious, unwavering ability to hunt down a bargain, or you're open to cutting a few corners, you might find you'll get more value from an escorted tour than you would travelling independently.

An all-inclusive tour means you'll have accommodation, flights, transfers and additional transportation covered, as well as some meals, attractions, and an informative tour manager to keep you safe and ensure you're getting the best travel experience possible.

Also, you won't be stuck with hidden fees or unexpected costs during your trip, leaving you with more funds to spoil yourself with or to use to buy gifts for friends and family. Or perhaps you can save it for your next adventure.

Ensure your safety

The safety of travellers is integral to Newmarket Holidays. We know there's nothing quite like having peace of mind when journeying to an unfamiliar destination, knowing you're in experienced hands. "We’ve been successfully organising holidays since 1983, so rest assured you’re in safe hands," says Jo.

Aside from knowing the best spots in town for entertainment, culture and dining, our tour managers are well-versed in the practicalities of travel. We work with tour managers who are highly knowledgeable in local culture, etiquette, laws, rules, environment and weather patterns - so you will always have somebody to answer your travel questions.

Immerse yourself in new surrounds

Take it from us, tour managers certainly know their stuff.
Take it from us, tour managers certainly know their stuff.

When travelling independently, you have the option to take guided walks or hire audio guides, however, without a dedicated tour manager for the entire trip, you won't be consistently receiving in-depth historical and cultural knowledge about your chosen destination - which can really enhance a holiday.

Newmarket Holidays works with tour managers who have been immersing themselves in destinations and expanding their local knowledge for years. So, rest assured that your tour manager will provide an unforgettable, informative holiday experience.

If you're an inquisitive person, you'll appreciate being able to ask your tour manager any question that should arise, or for local advice and recommendations for when you have free time.

Save precious time

Be it waiting for a hard-earned pint at a crowded pub, or queuing for a Friday night film, standing in line can suck the fun out of many experiences. This is especially true when it comes to waiting in line on holiday, as you've only got limited time to fit in all that you've been waiting to see and experience.

Travelling on an escorted tour often allows you to skip the line, meaning you can spend more time experiencing attractions rather than waiting for them.

*Bonus reason: Our tour managers take great photos*

If you're travelling on your own and you don't like doing the awkward: 'Hello! Would you mind taking a photo of me?' to a total stranger, travelling on an escorted tour means there will always be a friendly tour manager to capture that perfect travel shot for you. Beats toting around a selfie stick.

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