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Staff stories: The Newmarket Holidays team heads to icy Lapland

Find out what the Newmarket Holidays team got up to, miles above the Arctic Circle last year!


There’s a certain magic to experiencing Swedish Lapland in December. For one, the landscape is blanketed in thick, glistening snow. And we mean blanketed. The miles and miles of tall pine trees, traditional villages, and occasional roads are completely transformed when winter comes around, the rivers and lakes freezing over to form a hard, frosty shell. And then there’s the Christmas element - where the fun begins.

On our Lapland day trips, we give families (and of course, solos and couples too!) the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a husky ride through forest and fields, to sip hot berry juice beneath the trees, and to meet with the enigmatic Mr Claus.

Here’s what our team got up to when they accompanied our Lapland day trips last December:

Joanna Bunker - Credit Controller at Newmarket Holidays

Trip: From Bournemouth 

Lapland count: Two trips

Highlights: “We experienced a great landing in Pajala - there was snow all around! Seeing the scenery as we made the descent was absolutely beautiful. We gathered from all our chats at the hot berry juice and ginger biscuits station that the customers had a sensational time. There were no hitches, just one child with a lactose intolerance and could not eat on the plane, but the chef was very accommodating and managed to get his meals sorted for the return journey. My favourite part of the day was the reindeer ride and being able to interact with our customers at the pit stop before they entered Santa's mystical hut, as we got to feel the mood and magic of the walk from the village through the forest."

Why customers should make the journey: “Our Lapland day trip is an authentic and non-commercial experience. You will only see other Newmarket Holidays customers there, no one else. It’s a magical location. Sure, it can be a long day, but other comparable tours (for example, in Finland) can be much pricier for three to five days. Our trip is exceptional value as everything is included, well organised, and you have time to do every activity - at least one of each ride. We hope to see you at the end of 2023!"

Simon Roberts - Purchase Ledger Supervisor at Newmarket Holidays

Trip: From Birmingham and Cardiff

Lapland count: Five trips 

Highlights: “The husky ride was one of my favourite parts of the day. From an operational point of view, a highlight is when the trip goes well and according to plan - I just love seeing the genuine happiness on the customers' faces, both children and adults alike. To see them making memories they will cherish for many years to come, and to know we have played a part in that makes it all so worthwhile. I also really enjoy chatting to all of our customers. By the end of the day, you feel like you have got to know them.”

Why customers should make the journey: “It’s not just for kids. Even if you don't have kids, it is the most magical day with memories you will cherish with your partner or whoever you travel with. Its lovely to feel like a kid again for the day and share in the magical experience!”

Ian Dines - Chief People & Customer Officer at Newmarket Holidays

Trip: From Humberside

Lapland count: One trip (but used to be a rep in Lapland for another company years back)

Highlights: “The day went brilliantly. Our customers particularly enjoyed the snowmobiles and of course, meeting Santa himself! We've had some lovely feedback. For me, a highlight was speaking with our customers at the hot berry juice station and spending time with them. It was great listening to what gifts the children were asking Santa for. Also, I just loved being on the plane. We played some games including ‘pass the toilet roll’, which was so much fun. Handing out the letters to the children from Santa was really cool - I was so pleased to be given that job by the big man himself!”

Why customers should make the journey: “Customers should consider a Lapland adventure with us because it is an authentic, remote experience where families can enjoy the wilderness. It is guaranteed to be the best snow the kids have ever seen, plus there are activities you will remember for a lifetime. Besides, you can’t beat the chance to hand-deliver your Christmas wish-list to Santa himself!”

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