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9 romantic trips every couple needs on their bucket list

Explore our list of dreamy holiday destinations for every kind of couple.

Most romantic holiday getaways for older couples
Most romantic holiday getaways for older couples

Curling up inside a cosy log cabin. Uncorking a woody red wine you’ve zipped through the countryside to find. Feeling the salt on your skin as you bob along the waves. There’s a kind of romance you can only experience outside your normal environment.

Travelling with your partner isn't just an enjoyable experience, it's beneficial to growing and maintaining your bond. "Shared experiences, especially emotional ones create memories, greater levels of trust, and overall connect two people more strongly. Travelling together also allows for two people to have time together without the hustle and bustle of life," leadership coach Dr. Benjamin Ritter told Newmarket Holidays.

"Ultimately travelling together can re-ignite or strengthen the spark in a relationship."

If you feel your relationship could use a bit more passion – or simply a switch-up from the everyday – have a read through our top recommendations for romantic trips abroad.

For sunset-seekers: Beruwala, Sri Lanka

Is there a simpler joy than watching the sunset with your special one? Sitting at home on the balcony with a cuppa in hand offers the desired effect, but we could think of a few other options. Sri Lanka comes to mind. 

In this diverse island nation, you can see the sun dip behind the trees on a Yala National Park safari or savour cocktails at the seaside resort of Beruwala during golden hour.

The Romantic Island of Beruwala, Sri Lanka

For sun-seekers: Karpaz Peninsula, Cyprus

Aphrodite is the goddess of love, so it’s only logical that you and your partner abscond to the country known as Aphrodite’s Isle.

In the quiet, less-developed north of Cyprus is the untouched Karpaz Peninsula, an area resplendent with white sand beaches and sapphire waters. 

The sandy strip reaches out towards Turkey, making up 27% of the land of Northern Cyprus. Despite this, it remains one of the least-visited tourist beaches on the island. This abundance of isolated beaches makes for the ultimate romantic getaway.

For new couples: New England, USA

So you have just found yourself a sweetheart. Good for you! You’ve met each other’s friends, family and pets, and now, it’s time to test the waters with a holiday.

For a stress-free escape –we suggest experiencing the quaint yet colourful New England countryside during autumn.

Cosy up to your SO in the region’s picturesque villages and forested hills as you witness the United States morph into an assortment of red and gold hues. While you’re across the pond, you might as well spice things up with a day trip to the city that never sleeps, New York City.

For oenophiles: Tuscany, Italy

If the way to your heart is through your stomach, you’ll be right at home in one of the world’s most renowned wine regions.

The undulating, emerald hills of Tuscany are charming on their own. Weave in a wine trail including a crisp Vernaccia di San Gimignano and a hand-harvested Chianti Colli Senesi while sampling Italy’s finest farmhouse meals, and you have the makings of an idyllic romantic and regional escape.

For adrenaline junkies: Arabian Desert, Oman

Studies have found that situations that trigger adrenaline can lead to heightened levels of attraction. So, if your idea of a date is a kayaking adventure over a candle-lit meal, get your fix in Oman.

Kick things off by tearing through the dunes of the Arabian desert on a 4x4 ride. But thrill demands equilibrium. Wind down with an overnight stay in the desert, camping beside a crackling fire and underneath a blanket of stars. The two of you might even like to share the unique experience of searching for nesting turtles at the Raz Al Jinz reserve, where a ranger can guide you on a nature walk.

Riding Camels through the Arabian Desert, Oman

For the curious: Tbilisi, Georgia

Consider yourself to be the travel trailblazer of the group? Then you might already have Georgia on your wish-list. Named as one of the top tourist destinations to visit, the underrated European nation is less than a five-hour flight from the UK.

You and your partner will be able to share in the thrill of exploring a country that wasn’t a travel hotspot until recently while enjoying a former key city on the Silk Road, the spectacular Caucasus mountains and one of the world’s most ancient wine-making cultures.

For colour lovers: Amsterdam, Netherlands

If your relationship has been feeling a little colourless lately, set your sights on spring. The season is the perfect time for love to blossom, particularly in the tulip territory of the Netherlands.

As the Netherlands is the world’s largest tulip producer, the country becomes a tapestry of vibrant colour during the turn of the season. Be sure to experience the gardens at Keukenhof, where seven million flowers carpet the ground. Take to the canals on a scenic boat ride to gain a different perspective of the floral wonderland.

Canal in Amsterdam, Netherlands

For culture vultures: Oberammergau, Germany

Immersing yourselves in art and history is a dynamic way to strengthen your bond as a couple. If you would like to experience these two elements with your loved one, pay a visit to the Bavarian Alps town of Oberammergau.

The Oberammergau Passion Play, a depiction of Christ’s final steps, has been performed since 1634 as part of a much-loved village tradition. Outside of the performance, the two of you can explore the picturesque and historic village as well as its enlightening local museum.

For snugglers: St. Wolfgang, Austria

If the UK winter isn’t enough to put you in a snuggling state of mind, perhaps the Austrian Alps will do it. Spend the day in the town of St. Wolfgang, snowshoeing through tranquil pastures and rolling hills. Enjoy the evening with a torch-lit lake walk culminating in a toasty goblet of glühwein – hot spiced German wine – by a roaring fire.

View of Wolfgangsee, Austria

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