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The best destinations around the world for over 50s travellers

From Italy to India, there are so many places to venture to for that dream retirement trip.


Travel can reawaken the soul and help us learn about other cultures and countries – and about ourselves. As we get older, the benefits of travel only grow. These new experiences can help us to maintain or even regain mental and physical health, as well as develop new social connections that will last for the rest of our lives. At Newmarket Holidays, enriching lives through travel is of the utmost importance to us.

We have rounded up our favourite destinations for over 50s travellers, from active countries perfect for walking to more far-flung destinations offering cultural experiences and insight into other ways of life. Here's where you can get started!


Italy is a wonderful place to visit with its stunning architecture, scenic countryside and delicious cuisine. Italy is popular among older travellers - especially those over 50 looking to try new activities. You can take part in a cooking class in Rome (or simply eat pizza cooked by the pros) or dive deep into the ancient civilisation of Pompeii

With more than 4,723 miles of coastline, Italy also offers the opportunity to swim in pristine blue waters or dive into colourful seas. Sicily is one of our absolute favourite places for a warm weather escape.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has become a popular travel destination in recent years and it’s an excellent choice for active over 50s travellers. In Prague, you can explore the city’s fascinating old town, as well as take a bike ride along the Vltava River. Come December, you can see the Bohemian city come to life with all of the fantastic Christmas markets.

The Netherlands

For travellers who like cycling, a great place to go is the Netherlands, where you can cycle beside picturesque canals and through flower-filled fields. You can also enjoy a sailing trip on one of the canals and visit the Amsterdam museums and galleries. In July and August, there are music festivals in all the major towns.


India is another option to consider for adventurous over 50s travellers. There’s an abundance of opportunities for yoga and meditation, as well as wildlife-watching, with a variety of national parks to explore. Touring the Taj Mahal and visiting a spice market are experiences not to be missed.

The Golden Triangle is also another exciting way to see it all, meaning you can explore nation’s capital, New Delhi, the home of the Taj Mahal, Agra, and the fortress city of Jaipur, all of which feature a number of incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

South Africa

South Africa is also a fantastic choice for senior travellers, with plenty of opportunities to head out on safari. Safari is a fascinating way to see the most exceptional wildlife. Visit the lions of Kruger National Park, stay in a remote safari lodge, or take a scenic boat trip along the Zambezi River. 


Canada is a great destination for over 50s because it has so much to offer for outdoor enthusiasts and scenery lovers. There are panoramic train journeys through the Canadian Rockies, opportunities to see the unforgettable roaring Niagara Falls, as well as dynamic cities like Toronto, Quebec City and Vancouver.

Canada is also wonderful in the autumn with brilliant colours bringing in an atmosphere of change.


Borneo is a unique travel destination because of its lush rainforests and its winding rivers. There are also several lakes here and the only continental volcanic island in the world. Sarawak is an interesting place to visit with its tribal villages and longhouses along the River Keladech.

Over 50s travellers tend to enjoy Borneo because it offers the opportunity for jungle walking, wildlife spotting, and plenty of sunshine - a bit of relaxation mixed with cultural and natural enrichment.


Petra is another option for over 50s travellers with a lot of history to explore. The site is carved into red rock and it is famous for its structural remains and water channels. Visitors can also hike to the Temple of Aaron and see the famous lotus flower columns. It is UNESCO listed for both its cultural and natural values. 

Looking to book that extra special retirement trip? Look no further than our wide and inspiring range of tours designed for our over 50s travellers.

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