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Join us on holiday to Glasgow

Glasgow holidays offer everything you could want from a getaway, from a lively, thriving city full of museums, galleries, and top-notch restaurants, to being just a short drive from some of the most astounding natural landscapes in the British Isles.

Scotland’s biggest city might not be its capital, but there’s no doubt it’s the cultural epicentre of the nation. With Newmarket Holidays escorted tours, you’ll be swept around the best of these sights.

Glasgow tours can include everything from indulging in retail therapy on bustling Buchanan Street to making the short drive to Loch Lomond. If you’re up for a longer drive, you can even head through the Scottish Highlands to see the famous Loch Ness, (allegedly) home to the legendary monster and so deep it contains more water than all the lakes in England and Wales combined. 

Of course, exploring the astounding natural beauty of the area surrounding the city is only possible if you can drag yourself away from the electric Glasgow city centre. Tours around Glasgow can take in anything from the Gallery of Modern Art to drinks at trendy bars in the recently regenerated West End. When you look at everything on offer, it’s easy to see that holidays in Glasgow really do have something for everyone. 

Our Featured Glasgow Tours

Whether you visit in the swing of spring or the depths of winter, a journey to Scotland's second city is best enjoyed with us.

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Scottish Highland Railways

Scotland, United Kingdom, British Isles
  • 3 Excursions Included, 8 Meals Included
  • Flights Included - 7 Airports
  • 29 Dates - Mar 2024 - Nov 2024
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The Edinburgh Tattoo

United Kingdom, Scotland, British Isles
  • 2 Excursions Included, 4 Meals Included
  • Flights Included - 8 Airports
  • 5 Dates - Aug 2024

Classic Scotland (Royal Caledonian by Air)

Scotland, United Kingdom, British Isles
  • 8 Excursions Included, 7 Meals Included
  • Flights Included - 7 Airports
  • 10 Dates - Apr 2024 - Oct 2024
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Best of the Scottish Highlands

Scotland, United Kingdom, British Isles
  • 5 Excursions Included, 12 Meals Included
  • Flights Included - 7 Airports
  • 6 Dates - Mar 2024 - Oct 2024
  • 1 Excursion Included, 8 Meals Included
  • Flights Included - 10 Airports
  • 23 December 2023

Hebridean Island Adventure - 6 days

Scotland, British Isles, United Kingdom
  • 5 Excursions Included, 10 Meals Included
  • Flights Included - 7 Airports
  • 3 Dates - Apr 2024 - Oct 2024

Things to see in Glasgow

From walking cobbled, atmospheric laneways to seeing ancient castles, Glasgow has so much in store for the history buffs.

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