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Prague Tours & Holidays

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Up there with the cities of Paris and Rome, Prague has got to be one of the most romantic destinations in Europe, if not the world. Owing in part to the charming cobblestone streets, medieval buildings, fairytale bridges, atmospheric town squares, and twinkling Christmas markets, this city is the perfect place to set the mood.

Of course, the Czech capital isn’t just for lovers, it’s got a distinct edge, too. The “city of a hundred spires” has a fascinating architectural past that shines a light on the history of Bohemia, with its eerily beautiful Gothic style of pointed arches, ribbed vaulting, and looming bell towers. A trip to Prague is the perfect opportunity to admire the lively medieval squares, beautifully-preserved castles, Baroque and Gothic cathedrals, historic gardens, and Art Nouveau buildings

As Beer is fundamental to Czech culture, spend your evenings sipping a local brew in a moody jazz bar or take one to sip by the river Vltava, the lifeline of Prague. You can’t miss the opportunity to feast on the moreish Knedliky (bread dumplings) or succulent Grilované klobásy (grilled sausage) in one of Prague’s local eateries.

Prague Christmas Markets
  • 4.29 (255 reviews)
  • Czech Republic
  • 1 excursion included
  • 3 meals included
  • Three nights in Bohemian gem Prague
  • A guided walking tour of Prague
  • Time to explore Prague's Christmas Markets
Best seller
    • Flights Included
  • 4 days from: £378pp
  • Was: £419pp
  • 8 airports
  • 4 dates available
  • Nov 2022 - Dec 2022
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Prague, Vienna & Budapest
  • 4.12 (578 reviews)
  • Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia
  • 4 excursions included
  • 7 meals included
  • An included walking tour of Prague
  • Journey through beautiful, forested Bohemia
  • See the Ringstrasse buildings and the Hofburg Palace in Vienna
Best seller
    • Flights Included
  • 8 days from: £833pp
  • Was: £979pp
  • 8 airports
  • 24 dates available
  • Sep 2022 - Oct 2023
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Things to do in Prague

The Czech capital offers history on every corner, with abundant examples of Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque constructions. Here’s what you must see during your trip.

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