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Staff stories: sailing the sun-drenched Ionian isles

Dive into a dreamy week of swimming and snorkelling in pristine waters, sunbathing on the top deck, and island hopping.


Our product assistant Hannah was lucky enough to join our Greek island sailing adventure! If a week in the sun-drenched Mediterranean is your idea of holiday perfection, check out Hannah’s delightful recap in our latest Staff Stories.

Getting settled in

Hi everybody! I’m Hannah. Thanks for joining us on this incredible adventure. It all began when we flew into Zakynthos, a Greek island famous for its stunning Navagio beach. Our tour manager met us at the airport, giving us a very warm welcome. After a short five-minute transfer to the port, we we boarded the julet-style boat, getting to know each other as well as the friendly crew. The itinerary for the week ahead was also explained to us... and then we had a choice to make. Remain in port for the night or get the boat out onto the ocean.

As a group, we reached the decision to set sail! While we enjoyed our first dinner (a delicious, traditional Greek meal) and a few drinks, we docked in Agios Nikolaos, a port of Zakynthos. Let’s just say this was the perfect way to start the perfect week!

A morning splash

Our first morning on board was lovely. Breakfast was served at 8.30am with a selection of bacon and eggs, cereals and yogurts. We also took a moment to plunge into the sea for a refreshing morning swim! I would highly recommend this.

At 10am, we set off for a day of cruising around the islands and sunbathing on the top deck. On our way, we were lucky enough to see some dolphins! At 1.30pm, it was time for lunch. We dined on squid served with rice and potatoes, and the chef also provided meat options, too.

That afternoon, we went for another swim in the striking bay of Dexa on the island of Ithaca, which is known in Greek mythology as the the homeland of Ulysses. We had a few drinks and of course, took some photos to remember this wonderful day. That evening, we all ventured off to find a good spot for dinner, which was followed by drinks back onboard the boat.

A spot of snorkelling

For our second morning on board, everyone was bursting with energy. We enjoyed breakfast again at 8.30am, with the fresh bananas and peaches being a highlight. At 10.30am, we set off and had an unexpected stop at Aetolia-Acarnania. The exceptionally clear water meant it was time to snorkel. Unexpectedly, we spotted wild boar on the shore! The crew then took us in groups on the small boat to see the other side of the bay which we all really enjoyed.

Lunch included a fantastic lamb dish served with rice and potatoes. After we were full, we sailed on to Meganisi, an island famed for its mysterious sea caves. It also had a delightful selection of bars and restaurants to choose from. Just another perfect day in paradise...

Catching up on the football

While the morning was slightly cloudy, this soon cleared. At 10.30am, it was 25°C. An hour later, we reached our first stop for a swim, and the crew used the small boat to take us straight to a beach on the mainland. Lunch included a beautifully-cooked chicken leg with pasta, beetroot and spring rolls. Afterwards, we were given fresh grapes which were huge and very juicy! We all loved these.

Until 4pm, we relaxed onboard before sailing to Nydri, on Lefkada, an island attached to the mainland by a small bridge. The marina was packed with a variety of shops, restaurants and bars. Here, we watched the football final on the big screens. It was an unforgettable atmosphere!

Weather woes

Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side today. The day began with wind and clouds, but never the less we all had a great breakfast including fresh watermelon and cherries. At 10am, we set off for Kefalonia’s Foki Beach to see the caves. Luckily, as we anchored, the sun came out and we got to go for a dip.

As the weather wasn’t great for the rest of the day, the crew took us on the small boat into the caves which was much appreciated. Lunch was served at 1.30pm, which included fresh fish, rice and potatoes. It was yet another amazing meal from the chef!

Later that afternoon, we made the short journey to Fiskardo, a harbour extremely popular with yachts and boats from all over the world. Here, we ported for the night in the rain! This was another great little port with beautiful sea front tables and delicious food. And I can definitely vouch for the wine.

The sun returns!

After the storms yesterday, today’s weather was great! After breakfast, we set of for our swim stop at Ormos Antisamos in Kefalonia. Before lunch, there was plenty of swimming, sunbathing, and picture-taking. The views were sensational.

Lunch was full of crowd-favourites, including meatballs, lamb kofta, rice, potatoes, and fresh oranges. Later in the day, we ventured to Sami in Kefalonia, where we enjoyed even more fabulous bars and restaurants. That night, we were all a little sad that tomorrow would be our last full day. Fortunately, the beautiful sunset arrived to cheer us up.

A captain’s good bye

This morning, we were so sad it was the final full day onboard! As usual, breakfast was perfect, with fresh oranges, cherries and watermelon. We set off early, as we had a long day of cruising. We fuelled up at lunch, enjoying bolognese, chips, rice and spring rolls. Then, a refreshing swim at Alikanas, Zakynthos was in order.

It was the perfect last day. Everyone was in the water, laughing and playing. The crew also joined us! That night, we had a captain’s dinner at 8pm, which included a magnificent spread of prawns, chips and aubergine. We all drank wine and thanked the crew for an amazing week. And then the real fun began. We moved the table to make a dance floor!

Waking up the next day was very sad, having to say goodbye to all my new friends. But the airport transfer was great, we arrived a full two hours before our flight so we had enough time. After this week, I have amazing memories and laughter for a life time. I cannot recommend this trip enough!

If you are eager to experience our Greek island-hopping adventure for yourself, visit this link to book!

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