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5 life-changing experiences to have on a holiday to Borneo

Have the holiday of a lifetime in this diverse part of Southeast Asia.


Borneo is one of the world’s most unique and environmentally diverse islands. Being home to meandering waterways, thick jungles, sharp mountain peaks, and ancient rainforests dating back 130 million years ago.

If this part of Southeast Asia is high up on your bucket list, you can rest assured that it will offer a number of exciting, enlightening, and special experiences. This gem of the Malaysian archipelago will allow you to do everything from river rafting to trekking through jungles to see huge flora. Here are some of the best life-changing experiences to have on a holiday in Borneo.

See giant flora at Kinabalu National Park

One cannot pay a visit to the jungle paradise that is Borneo without venturing into UNESCO-listed Kinabalu National Park. In this fascinating biodiversity haven lies more than 300 kinds of resident and migratory birds, 100 species of mammals, amphibians and reptiles, and 5,000 species of plants, including the rafflesia. This huge flower can be more than 100-metres in diameter and is parasitic in nature, blooming from the vines that grow in the lowland rainforests of Borneo, as well as a select few in Southeast Asia.

Try white water rafting

If you are willing to step up your holiday game up and truly have a life-changing experience, then venture to the legendary Kiulu White Water Rafting Centre. Here you can thrillingly (and safely!) set off on a day of white-water rafting. During the activity, you can expect to get a little wet, but you will be rewarded with rare views of tiny villages and dense, stunning rainforests. Of course, beginners are more than welcome!

Venture out on a jungle cruise

If you’re looking for another kind of water-based experience, one that’s perhaps a little more laidback, Borneo offers a number of scenic jungle cruises. And Pitas Oxbow Lake is just the place. In this unique environment, you can take a gentle boat ride through the waters, and catch a glimpse of pygmy elephants and cheeky monkeys. We would certainly recommend going at sunset! 

Experience an indigenous cultural village

If you have travelled to this part of the world to do more than uncover rare scenery, you might like to have an authentic cultural experience. This is where the Mari Mari Cultural Village excursion comes into play. At this site, you can unearth Sabah’s past and learn about the historic indigenous cultures that have influenced this beautiful place over the years. Currently, five ethnic tribes live in the village. 

Stay on an authentic tea plantation

Looking to have a laidback Borneo experience? Then base yourself on a working tea plantation. Ranau’s Sabah Tea Resort is one of our favourites, which allows you to have a relaxing resort stay while surrounded by a pristine forest environment. 

Set out on an adventure in Malaysian Borneo’s on an escorted tour with Newmarket Holidays. See rare monkeys, lush jungles, and incredible waterways with us. 


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