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From visiting the sites of wildlife conservation projects in South Africa to supporting community projects in the villages of Cambodia, our curated collection of positive impacts tours will benefit you as a traveller as well as the people and the places that you see. Educational excursions, inspiring itineraries, and ample opportunities to engage with locals, gain insights about their cultures and support them through various programmes take you beyond the guidebooks.

We’ve built our minimum requirements and definitions of what makes a tour ‘positive impact’ by basing them around four pillars of sustainability:

Social Sustainability: Aims to preserve future generations and acknowledge that what we do can have an impact on others and the world. Social sustainability focuses on maintaining and improving social quality with concepts such as cohesion, reciprocity, honesty, and the importance of relationships amongst people. It can be encouraged and supported by laws, information and shared ideas of equality and rights. Social sustainability incorporates the idea of sustainable development, which addresses social and economic improvement that protects the environment and supports equality, and therefore the economy and society and the ecological system are mutually dependent. 

Economic Sustainability: Aims to keep the capital intact. If social sustainability focuses on improving social equality, economic sustainability aims to improve the standard of living.


Environmental Sustainability: Aims to improve human welfare through the protection of natural capital (e.g., land, air, water, minerals etc). Initiatives and programmes are defined environmentally sustainable when they ensure that the needs of the population are met without the risk of compromising the needs of future generations. Environmental sustainability places emphasis on how a business can achieve positive economic outcomes without doing any harm, in the short- or long-term, to the environment.

Human Sustainability: Aims to maintain and improve the human capital in society. Investments in the health and education systems, access to services, nutrition, knowledge, and skills are all programmes under the umbrella of human sustainability. Communities around the globe may be positively or negatively affected by business activities, in our case by tourism, so our part is to ensure we create a balance by respectfully and actively engage with communities.

My personal favourite positive impact tour would be Costa Rica – Wildlife, Rainforest & Caribbean Beach. I have a lot of respect for Costa Rica – it’s a country that has consistently shown great care and devotion to preserving its land, flora, fauna, and culture. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the most predominant leaders in the world for sustainable tourism. The country has prioritised and promoted eco-tourism and nature preservations at every level for decades. Its simplicity and natural approach make this destination a very special place on our planet – time feels like it slows down when you’re there!”

Kathy Vigolo, Head of Long Haul



Our Favourite Postive Impacts Tours


Costa Rica – Wildlife, Rainforest & Caribbean Beach

Travelling as a small group of adventurers, this beguiling journey goes beyond the basic tourist haunts to reveal Costa Rica’s staggering natural beauty.

Peru, Ecuador & the Galapagos Islands

See an unforgettable World Wonder, the treasures of the Inca, the world's highest capital and some of the planet's most unusual creatures.

Ecuador - From the Andes to the Amazon with Galapagos Cruise

An epic voyage of trekking up the fossilised slopes of soaring volcanoes, discovering ancient Incan cities, and soaking in the steamy thermal waters of the Andean foothills.

Borneo’s Orangutans and Rainforest Adventure

This wonderful holiday lifts the lid on Sabah, Malaysian Borneo's verdant jungle paradise, which is watched over by towering Mount Kinabalu.

Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam

Take a colourful journey of a lifetime through Southeast Asia’s verdant lands, experiencing unforgettable must-see highlights.



On Safari in South Africa 

Savour South Africa’s magnificent wildlife on this once-in-a-lifetime, full-board safari holiday, based in the locally-rated five-star Sebatana Lodge.

On Safari in South Africa with Mauritius Beach

An immersion into the extraordinary South African and Mauritian wilderness featuring opportunities to connect with nature, engage in local cultures, and gain insights into each destination’s history. 

Kruger Safari & South Mozambique Beach

A blend of thrilling bush adventuring and blissful beach lazing is up for the embracing on this family-friendly escape.

Under African Skies – Victoria Falls to the Cape

This is southern Africa in a nutshell, from the tumult of Victoria Falls and the serenity of Lake Kariba to the pristine landscapes of Hwange National Park.



Kenya Grand Safari

Enjoy unforgettable close-up encounters with wildlife, the scenic wonders of the forested highlands and the teeming plains of the Maasai Mara.

India - Tigers & the Taj Mahal

Uncover northern India’s greatest cities on this perfect introduction to one of the world’s most fascinating and alluring destinations.

India's Rajasthan - Grand Palace & Historic Fort Stays

Stride into an opulent period of India’s past by residing in former palaces, traversing across royal hunting grounds, and surveying the ‘Land of the Kings’ from hilltop forts.

India's Golden Triangle, Shimla & Amristar's Golden Temple

Embark on an enrapturing journey through the cities of the Golden Triangle, stopping by some of the country’s most holy sites and sojourning in the shadows of the Himalayas.

Kerala & India’s South

Explore an idyllic land of ancient ports, labyrinthine backwaters and forested uplands dotted with temples and tea-plantations.


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