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Travel for Good



“I’m really pleased with our first steps on this journey. We all know that there are areas where the travel industry has work to do to become truly sustainable, but I think it sometimes gets a bit lost that the industry does do a lot of good, whether that be through the hundreds of millions of the people it employs all around the world, either directly or indirectly, to the redistribution of global wealth from richer places to poorer places."

Niel Alobaidi, CEO

To travel responsibly and for good is to travel with care and consideration for not only the local people of the places that we visit, but also the planet.

Helping our customers explore close-to-come and far-flung corners of the world is a privilege – one that we don’t take lightly. And, with each tour, cruise, or event that we operate, we recognise our responsibility and the impact of our global footprint.

We’re well aware that travelling around the globe can have a negative impact on the planet, and as a company and industry, there’s a long way to go. However, as eager travellers ourselves, we want to venture forward with a conscientious mindset in our everyday lives and beyond while calling on our customers to do the same.

Our company’s mission is to enrich lives and improve wellbeing through travel. A big part of that is ‘Travel for Good’. Our ‘Travel for Good’ hub is our first step in a long journey to reduce carbon, offset anything we produce as a company and travel without harming the planet or the people of the destinations we go to.

For the future and the next generations of our families and friends, we want to work together and do our utmost to make a difference, leaving each destination untouched yet uplifted.



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