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Discover or rediscover the striking natural beauty, historic monuments and fascinating heritage that sits right on your doorstep. From the ocean washed sands of rugged coastlines, to mountains and moorlands rich with natural wonders, our UK holidays offer the chance to admire and explore the landscapes that often pass us by.

There is much to charm and captivate you in this country you may already call home. Watch bottlenose dolphins swim, enjoy sights of abundant bird-life and discover the raw beauty of the UK. Relax on wonderful white-sand beaches, be mesmerised by enchanting lakes or eat fish and chips by the beach.

Inland, delve into the hustle and bustle of the UK’s historic and iconic cities. Enjoy historic Belfast or the delights of Scottish capital Edinburgh – don’t miss the unforgettable drama of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo

See remarkable surroundings of the Celtic Heart of Wales or perhaps explore England’s capital and marvel at the Buckingham Palace or the remarkable Houses of Parliament. Travel with us and take in the city’s top West End shows during your stay.

Discover Northern Ireland’s richly diverse terrain, from enchanting lakes to ancient marshes. Admire the wave-scarred cliffs that contrast sharply with fertile lands in the east, or hold your breath as you discover the raw beauty of the west. 

The British Isles truly make some of the country’s most scenic corners. Take a calming seaside break to the sun-kissed Channel Isle, its scenic countryside and glorious coast, or perhaps take in the idyllic Isles of Scilly, a world away from the mainland. Unwind in the timeless Isle of Man or take in the Hebridean islands.

Feast your eyes on the sparkling lochs, soaring mountains, and heather-clad moors as you discover Scotland’s spectacular scenery; from the beautiful, mysterious Loch Ness to the rugged Shetland Islands.

Bursting with a majestic history, vibrant cities, and beautiful countryside and beaches, a holiday in the UK will surprise and give you memories you’ll cherish for ever.

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Admire and explore the landscapes on your doorstep on our UK tours.


The United Kingdom is home to some of the world’s most striking historic landmarks, from prehistoric structures and scars of divisions now past, to centuries old sites of church, state and leisure. These landmarks have withstood weather, war, invasion and modern development, and now offer visitors from around the world a glimpse into the UK’s culture. With so much on offer, though, how do you decide what to see? To give you a nudge in the right direction, we’ve put our heads together to come up with some of the UK’s most impressive historic and stunning sites.


While you may be familiar with curry, fish and chips, pie, a Sunday roast and full breakfast, there are plenty of other UK foods to try while you’re away from home.
While in Scotland, be sure to try haggis, or a simple bowl of Coddle while in Dublin. Taste the true flavour of Scotland and enjoy a glass of Scotch whisky. In Wales, opt for Welsh version of cheese on toast – the Welsh rarebit. Make sure you get a taste of ‘the black stuff’ should you visit Dublin. Many of these foods, you may already love, so perhaps choose to visit a Christmas market in the UK, where you’re bound to come across a slew of your festive favourites, from rich and fruity mince pies and spicy gingerbread, to turkey and stuffing, crepes and toffee apples – this is not a pastime for those strictly sticking to their Slim-Fast plan. Thanks to the mass cultural influence in British cuisine, you can truly discover new foods while UK holiday or you can simply savour your all-time favourites during your break. There is plenty more to British culinary delights than tea and biscuits.
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