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From rolling vineyards and charming villages, to sweeping mountains and endless stretches of sandy dunes, Portugal allures with an old-fashioned charm. Discover hidden gems and captivating landscapes on your mesmerising holiday to Portugal.

Soak up the sun on the sun-kissed shores of the south or sip a glass of port on the banks of the River Douro in the north. Take a ride on the old trams that chug along the winding streets of cultural Lisbon and head to the city centre, where the ornate Manueline architecture of the Belem quarter tells a story of its fascinating history.

Half an hour away from Lisbon is Estoril’s elegant seafront, lined with bistros and old-fashioned cafes. Take the opportunity to see UNESCO-listed Sintra, a former royal retreat, with its remarkable palaces, set in a National Park full of dense and verdant trees and plants.

Discover Roman sites and ruins that date back thousands of years in the Algarve or visit the famous port-wine-producing quintas in Porto. Gleaming with picturesque vineyards, rich culture, vibrant bars and restaurants, Porto invites guests, with its fine wine, delicious food, historic centre and charming locals.

Beyond the cities, Portugal's scenery ranges from mountainous backdrops to dramatic windswept coastal scenery. This charismatic country offers spectacular beaches, historic cities and some of the world’s finest wines, all waiting to be explored by you.

Travel with Newmarket Holidays for the perfect holiday to Portugal that suits you – whether you prefer scenic train rides on historic railway lines, wish to savour delicious port on wine-producing vineyards or simply want to unwind on sun-baked pristine beaches.

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Discover some of Portugal’s most delightful locations on one of our delightful tours.


Stretching for nearly 1800 kilometres along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is graced with a mixture of rugged and scenic landscapes, set against rolling hills and plains. From the north all the way down to the south, you’ll find something unique to enjoy. Wherever you chose to visit, you’ll return with beautiful images and memories. Here’s our picks of some of the must-do things during your holiday in Portugal.


Portuguese cuisine is boldly rich in flavour, accompanied by excellent wines from the north.
With various Mediterranean influences, relying on fresh local ingredients, a typical Portuguese menu includes a variety of fish, sea food and meat dishes, with many Mediterranean influences. If you’re a fish or seafood lover, a visit to Portugal is a treat for your taste buds. The country has the highest fish consumption per capita in Europe. Here, it’s possible to taste bacalhau (cod) in all kids of ways – the Portuguese have over a thousand recipes for this fish staple. Served in most restaurants, another dish to try during your visit is caldo verde soup – a hearty comfort dish consisting of potato, shredded collard greens, and chunks of chouriço. Make sure you try pastel de nata - a delicious egg tart pastry dusted with cinnamon, a treat for those with a sweet tooth. Whatever your preferred choice of food is, Portuguese cuisine will please.
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