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Where to go when traveling alone

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If you've been exploring the idea of solo travel, you're probably all too aware of the numerous reasons why it's such a fantastic experience. With this in mind, the real question is no longer should I go?, but rather where should I go on holiday alone? When it comes to choosing a destination, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

Of course, if you're travelling alone there are also some specific considerations that you'll probably want to take into account; is it safe? Will it be easy to meet other people? Let us help you narrow things down a little. Here are our top picks for where to go when solo travelling.




Solo trips to Thailand are incredibly popular, and with good reason. Along with its delicious food, warm weather and beautiful beaches, it also happens to be one of the easiest places to meet new people. The locals are famously friendly, and being one of the world's top solo travel destinations, you'll find plenty of opportunities to make friends with other tourists. From backpacker bars and dorm rooms to group tours and organised events, it's a solo traveller's dream, and very affordable too. 

As well as the most popular tourist hotspots such as Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Samui, be sure to consider some of the lesser known (but incredibly beautiful) islands including Koh Lipe and Koh Tarutao. If you're planning a visit in November, a trip to Chiang Mai for the Loy Krathong celebrations is an absolute must. From mass lanterns and light displays to the unforgettable sight and sounds of the local monks chanting surrounded by candles, it remains a truly unique experience. 




Argentina is often frequented by solo travellers, usually as part of an extended trip throughout South America. However, the huge scope for things to do and see in the country makes it a wonderful stand alone destination, too. From the beautiful capital of Buenos Aires with its European feel to the dramatic landscape of the spectacular Iguazu Falls, you're sure to create treasured memories to last a lifetime. 

It's fair to say that Argentina offers something to suit most tastes, with incredible hiking opportunities, fascinating heritage, lively nightlife and intriguing local cultures to explore. The country is also superb for wildlife lovers, with the chance to see a wide range of animals, including whales, penguins, jaguars, dolphins, and caiman, in their natural habitat. 

As one of the safest countries in Latin America, plenty of tour options available and a popular backpacker scene, Argentina makes an excellent case when it comes to the question of where to go when travelling alone.




Perhaps when you began to ask yourself ‘where should I go on holiday alone?', Italy wasn't on your radar, but rest assured that, far from just being a couples' destination, it's an excellent place to travel alone. It's safe, the locals are friendly, and you're unlikely to have any problems meeting other tourists. With incredible food, stunning scenery and culture galore, you'll find every type of holiday well catered for in Italy. Whether you're tempted by a city break, a beach getaway or a rural escape, Italian solo holidays will never disappoint. 

Italy's public transport infrastructure also makes a longer trip, traversing the whole length of the country, very viable. There is a good network of trains and buses that link almost every town, regardless of size, the high-speed train network makes it possible to reach Naples from Milan in around 4 hours 15 minutes. One thing to note if you plan on passing through a few of the smaller towns that are off the beaten path; it’s a good idea to brush up on some Italian phrases as you’ll find English isn’t widely spoken.




Often hailed as one of the safest countries in the world, and home to a wealth of amazing experiences, Japan makes perfect sense as a solo travel destination. From quaint fairytale-esque towns to the other-wordly bright lights of Tokyo, you'll have no challenge filling your itinerary with wonderful sights. Partake in some karaoke, pay a visit to 'rabbit island', spot real life Geisha in Kyoto and, if you're feeling energetic, climb to the summit of Mount Fuji. 

Famed for its abundance of unique attractions, a visit to a themed restaurant or an overnight stay in a capsule hotel are popular among many travellers to Japan. There are also the lesser-known destinations to consider; there's Shiretoko National Park, with its beautiful waterfalls and range of wildlife, and Okinawa island, where the locals are said to live longer than those anywhere in the world.

While English isn't widely spoken in Japan, you'll have no problem getting by, even if you don't have time to learn any Japanese. A lot of signage is translated into English, and those working in the hospitality sector in the major cities will be accustomed to dealing with foreigners. 


United States of America


You might not have considered the U.S. when deciding where to go when traveling alone, but it certainly has plenty to offer. Whether you're tempted by the movie-esque scenery of New York or the wineries and laid back lifestyle of California, the country is full of wide ranging experiences, and of, course there is the added benefit of it being an English-speaking country, so meeting locals and getting around will be without challenge. 

For a real taste of adventure, the famous Route 66 is a 2,500 mile road trip starting in Chicago and ending in Santa Monica. For those looking for a more laid back mode of travel, the Amtrak train network makes it possible to traverse the entire country from coast to coast, with several potential routes to choose from. There’s the chance to stop at some of the most popular cities and attractions along the way, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, New Orleans, Washington DC, and New York, making it a great value and time-effective way to see as much of the country as possible.


New Zealand


Another popular answer to the question of where should I visit alone?, New Zealand is brimming with spectacular sights. It's small size and friendly locals make it fantastic as a solo destination, and the fact it is known as one of the world's safest countries also doesn't hurt. Being sparsely populated and full of stunning scenery and clean air makes it the perfect escape for those in need of a laid back and refreshing break. 

Sun-worshippers are spoilt for choice with a plethora of picture-perfect beaches to choose from, including Bream Bay and New Chums, as well as those on the nearby pristine Cook Islands. Of course, there is plenty more to do and see in this tiny country, with hikers, wildlife-watchers and culture-lovers all extremely well catered for. It's not a cheap destination, but it is certainly excellent value for money given the quality of travel experiences on offer.

Need a little more inspiration? For unforgettable holidays designed exclusively for those travelling alone, take a look at our wide range of solo trips. From short getaways in the UK and Europe to extended trips throughout South East Asia or the U.S., our expertly-guided holidays offer unforgettable travel experiences for solo adventurers of all ages. 

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