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Solo travel can bring new challenges and rewards to your life. But your first solo trip doesn’t need to be a total whirlwind. With careful planning, research, learning from the experiences of other women, and choosing the right destination for you - it’s different for everyone - your first solo trip can be a breeze.

20th-century British travel writer Freya Stark said: “To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the most pleasant sensations in the world.” Many years later, her words still hold true. Whether you have just finished high school or you have recently entered retirement, consider travelling solo at least once in your life. 

Before you book those tickets, you probably have a few questions. You might be wondering, where is safe for solo female travellers? Or how do I safely travel solo? Well, we have you covered. Here are a few places you might like to consider as your first solo travel destination. 

Italy: the mountainous north

Italy is one of the best European destinations for solo female travellers. The extensive public transport system makes it easy to get around - you can take trains from the isle of Sicily up to the mountainous north - and on the whole, Italy is a safe country for solo female travellers.

Italy is filled with friendly locals. It is easy to strike up a conversation with people, even if you speak very little Italian. Many might be curious as to why you have chosen to travel alone, and might offer travel recommendations on anything from their favourite coastal towns and family-run wineries. 

Even if you’re a bit shy, the delicious and varied cuisine will always keep you company. Just pull up to a local trattoria, order a carafe of wine, tuck into a buttery ravioli, and live la dolce vita. You are never truly alone with rich Italian carbs by your side.

As for where to go in Italy as a solo traveller, you could head to Rome for an Audrey-esque affair, or to Tuscany to heal your heart at a ruggedly beautiful villa, or head up north. One of the most popular tours with solo female travellers is The Italian Dolomites for Solo Travellers. The Dolomites is one of the most picturesque places with glacial peaks, rolling green hills, pristine lakes, and storybook rifugios like scenes from classical paintings. 

On the tour, you can form life-long friendships with other adventurous solo travellers, venture through alpine towns, drink delicious wine, and relax by one of Italy’s most stunning lakes. It’s Italy the way it should be: stress-free. 

Croatia: a sun-drenched reward

If you’re taking the plunge on your first solo trip and you think you should be rewarded with some sweet sun rays, you can’t go past a holiday in Croatia. It’s a popular destination for solo female travellers over 50, however, it offers a range of accommodation options to suit every individual. If you’re on a budget or you’re keen on meeting fellow solo travellers, Croatia has a wide range of high-quality hostels. If you prefer a bit more privacy and comfort, there is a range of luxury waterfront hotels, family-run guesthouses or unique airbnbs to choose from.

To fit more into your solo Croatia trip, consider a tour with Newmarket Holidays. Explore Croatia's Dalmatian Coast with a local expert, discovering ancient towns and hidden gems from Split to Trogir. Immerse yourself in the nation's history and culture, including Korčula Island and optional trips to Dubrovnik and Hvar. Other highlights include a trip to Montenegro, one of Europe's most unspoilt countries, and Croatia’s Krka National Park. 

India: sunrises and safari

Europe is a fantastic starting point for budding solo female travellers, however, India is the place for adventurous solo travellers willing to venture far from home. The safest way for first-timers to experience India is on a tour. The Tigers & the Taj Mahal for Solo Travellers tour is a thrilling chance to see the Golden Triangle: the cities of DelhiAgra and Jaipur.

Solo travel is about creating those ‘pinch me’ memories. After this trip, you will be able to count watching the sunrise over the majestic Taj Mahal as one of them. If you’re a nature enthusiast, this India tour will be right up your alley, with a two-night safari in the world-renowned Ranthambore Park. From the open-air vehicle, you will be able to spot striped hyenas, sambar deer, sloth bears and tigers. If you’re lucky, you might even see a leopard.

If you prefer your holidays with a side of relaxation, you can round out the trip with a night in a luxurious jungle resort.

Top tips for solo female travellers

  • Join social media groups for solo female travellers

Social media is home to many resources for experienced and budding solo female travellers. Some supportive online communities include:

These Facebook groups are really useful in planning solo trips. When you join, you can swap stories and photos, ask for travel advice, or even find a travel buddy for a future trip. It makes the world feel a whole lot smaller. 

  • Join a tour for solo travellers

The idea of heading to a foreign country without your usual comforts or company can be understandably daunting. But it helps to remember that you’re always stronger and more resourceful than you think. Solo travel is the ultimate opportunity (and training ground) to discover what you’re made of. 

If jetting off for a spontaneous solo hike in South America or following the Eat Pray Love journey to the absolute letter isn’t quite for you, I would recommend hopping on a solo tour. In 2020, Newmarket Holidays launched a range of tours catered to solo travellers. 

If you have any further questions - or suggested destinations! - regarding the solo tours offered by Newmarket Holidays, feel free to reach out over emailFacebookTwitter, or Instagram. To check out more solo tours, visit the website.

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