7 frequently asked questions about solo tours

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Solo tour frequently questions

Your beloved doesn’t want to explore India with you? Your best friend’s gluten intolerance doesn’t bode well for the Italian pasta adventure of your dreams? Fortunately, your travel buddy (or lack thereof) doesn’t need to come between you and your next escape. Earlier this year, we launched an exciting range of tours exclusively designed for solo travellers. 

These tours cover destinations from the European cities of Seville and Krakow, to the natural wonders of the Dolomites and the fjords of Western Norway, to the diverse landscapes of Vietnam and Kenya.

‘Everyone can benefit from solo travel. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to negotiate on where and when you want to go, you get to choose,’ says Newmarket Holidays product manager Joanna Roberts.

This level of independence can make for a unique travel opportunity. It also means you can put a serious dent in that bucket list without needing someone to travel with. 

Since the launch of our solo tours, we’ve received several queries from our curious customers. From ‘Will I get any ‘me’ time on a solo tour?’ and ‘Do I get my own room?’, we’re looking at the questions you might have about your first solo trip.

Where should I go on my first solo trip?

Oh, the places you will go! But which one first?

'The only restriction is your imagination. We offer solo holidays around the world, from the UK to Italy, the USA to India. We take the same care of you wherever you travel with us,' says Joanna.

If you feel more comfortable travelling closer to home for your first solo trip, our tours throughout the UK and Ireland might be more your speed. Scottish Highland Railways and The Giant’s Causeway are Newmarket Holidays favourites and still offer enough scope to discover new sights. There's nothing quite like discovering what's right on your doorstep.

Is there a single supplement charge for those going on solo tours with you?

This is a question we receive a lot. We understand many hotel rooms, tours, and activities are specifically geared towards couples, but this is why we initially set out to create solo tours, to cater those who are looking for a different kind of holiday experience. So, the price listed for our solo tours is the price you’ll pay. There will be no single supplements on top of this.

Do you have any advice for people who are unsure about travelling solo for the first time?

Joanna's advice for those toying with the idea of embarking on a solo tour is simple.

'Just go for it! I’ve travelled with various solo groups in the past and seen lifelong friendships made. Anyone nervous about travelling alone will feel secure and welcome on one of our solo tours. It’s the perfect introduction to travel,' says Joanna.

Along with the quality and value you’d expect with one of Newmarket Holidays' trips, you can also expect some special touches to help you feel included in the group. At the start of your trip, kick back with a delicious welcome drink and enjoy a relaxed get-together with the other solo travellers

The rest of the trip will include a series of dinners and activities that will immerse you in the culture of your chosen destination and also help you to get to know your fellow adventurers.

‘These offer the perfect opportunity for our guests to mix with people who share the same interests in destinations, sightseeing and activities, sharing inspirational moments and making lifelong memories.’

Will I have time for myself during the tour?

Having said that, we know how valuable alone time can be on holidays. There's nothing quite like those hours and experiences that allow you to reset and learn a little bit more about yourself. 

As such, our solo tour itineraries offer a variety of included and optional excursions, so you’ll have the freedom to join in or take time to yourself. You’ll never feel obligated to do anything you’re not interested in.

However, if you’re feeling sociable during your trip, it’s good to know that friendly tour managers are around to organise welcome gatherings, drinks and meals. They’ll also meet you at the airport, take you to your hotel and join you on excursions and included meal times. 

Will I have my own room?

Of course. You’ll always have a room of your own on our solo tours, you won’t need to share. Most of the time, you’ll be booked in for a double bed or twin beds, but occasionally hotels offer the option of a single bed at a discounted rate.

Having your own room is great as it offers the chance to rest in your own comfortable space before joining fellow travellers for a night of drinks and dinner, allowing you a bit of balance.

Should I be single when travelling on your tours?

You don’t need to be single on a solo tour. Ideally, you should be travelling alone. If you’d like to travel with a partner, we have a wide variety of non-solo holidays and tours to check out.

How many people are usually on your solo tours? What’s the age range?

The number of people on our solo tours varies. On average, it’s about 25 people per tour. The ratio is typically 60% female and 40% male, but this varies from tour to tour. Customers tend to be aged over 30, but more typically over 50.

Have you got any other questions about our solo tours? Feel free to visit our dedicated solo tours page for further commonly asked questions, as well as our full list of solo tours.

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