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6 delicious places to eat in Dublin

From modern Indian cuisine to incredible NYC-inspired sandwiches, Dublin is home to far more than just soda bread and stew.


Dublin is famed for its pints of the black stuff and for being the place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day each year, but it’s also a city for eating, and eating well. Over the past four decades, Ireland’s culinary scene has evolved tremendously. Dublin has become a melting pot for cuisine, as well as a place for traditional yet contemporary food, meaning the capital has become a new foodie destination in its own right.

Whether you’re seeking some of the best brunch places in Dublin, or perhaps some of the best places to enjoy some fine dining, we have got you covered when it comes to discovering where to eat in Dublin.

Here are our favourites:

For high-quality pub grub: Ashton's Gastro Pub

For some of the best food in Dublin, head to the Southside of Dublin City. The popular local pub, Ashton's Gastro Pub, is an incredible place to not only enjoy a pint with friends, but it also serves up some top-notch pub grub. The gastropub will feed you dishes such as Irish sirloin steak, Clare Island salmon, and 24-hour braised Feather blade.

For a hearty breakfast: Urbanity

Urbanity is one of the best places for breakfast in Dublin. After a big night on the town, head to Urbanity for a refreshing, filling brunch. Choose from a variety of menu items including nduja house baked beans with organic sourdough, smoked salmon with celeriac and organic poached eggs, or for something sweet, spiced sugar waffles with miso caramel and brown butter crumble. Urbanity’s twist on old classics and generous portions makes it one of the best places to eat in Dublin

For a special occasion: Pickle

Pickle has got to be one of Dublin’s best restaurants, thanks to its modern approach to Indian cuisine. The kitchen is led by Sunil Ghai, one of Ireland's top Indian chefs. There’s even a good value menu for those early diners.

For vegetarian food: Glas

In the centre of Dublin, you can find Glas, a modern vegetarian and vegan restaurant featured in the Michelin guide. The colourful, plant-based dishes include Miso parsnip, carrot risotto with preserved beech mushroom and artichoke granola, and braised red cabbage with a cheddar and truffle cake.   

For fine dining: Bastible

Bastible is another one of Dublin’s top restaurants. This charming neighbourhood bistro is a place for an unforgettable atmosphere and cuisine. The open kitchen has chefs preparing art on a plate, with dishes being constructed from a variety of fresh, seasonal Irish ingredients. The menu at this Michelin-starred establishment offers a rotating set menu of imaginative, modern dishes.

For a quick lunch: Doughboys

If you are looking for something to eat in-between walking tours or shows, you’ll have to grab a quick bite at Doughboys. It’s one of the best places to have lunch in Dublin. The NYC-originated sandwich shop serves up subs that will never leave you hungry, including the Dirty Bob – Pork and beef meatballs with four-hour marinara sauce and smoked applewood cheese – and the Club Dough – roast turkey, streaky bacon, pickled red onion, and chipotle mayo.

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