Our Top 10 Responsible Travel Tips

Protect, empower and positively impact


We all want to travel more responsibly but sometimes it's hard to know how to do just that. Here are some helpful tips for you to protect, empower and positively impact the people you meet and the destinations you meander around on your adventures. Simple things like packing a reusable water bottle, purchasing meals at local restaurants and asking for permission before taking a photograph, can really make all the difference.

  1. Pack light and remember that many items can be purchased locally, helping the local economy and often small communities.

  2. Pack your reusable water bottle to reduce the use of plastic – many places have drinkable water available or offer purified water stations. There are even water bottles now that purify the water as you go.

  3. Pack a travel mug to avoid using takeaway cups and minimise your overall waste.

  4. Purchase your meals from local restaurants rather than from big food chains and buy locally branded drinks rather than big brand imported ones.

  5. Engage with people, perhaps trying out their language or immersing yourself in the local culture or means of transportation. 

  6. Respect local people and their cultures, following rules in places of worship and adhering to dress codes, customs and traditions.

  7. Purchase meaningful souvenirs, perhaps handmade or in smaller communities rather than in airports or big cities. Stay away from items made from ivory or endangered animals, and avoid ‘tourism theft’, which involves taking home ‘natural’ souvenirs, like shells and pebbles. 

  8. Support eco-friendly initiatives during your trip, including turning off the air conditioning and lights when you’re not in the room, and reusing towels.

  9. Make sure that you always ask permission before taking photographs of local people and don’t take photographs with animals as props – this encourages captivity.

  10. Share tips on travelling responsibly with other travellers, as well as us. This is essential in helping everyone to continuously improve.
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