Our In-House Responsibility and Wellbeing Efforts

Small steps to bettering our mental health and the world


Beyond the doors at Newmarket Holidays HQ, we’re constantly striving to improve and take positive steps towards bettering our sustainability and wellbeing efforts within the company. We believe that even the smallest things can make a difference, which is why we’re currently focused on creating an outdoor space that will encourage staff to take time out, as well as introducing ‘Wellness Wednesdays’ and offering the assistance of on-site mental health first aiders.

There are so many aspects of wellness – including fitness, nutrition, ergonomics, and mental health. At Newmarket Holidays, we help our employees focus on all four areas because of their equal importance in the workplace.

Empowering employees takes three steps:

  1. Providing access to resources

  2. Offering education about wellness and its impact

  3. Encouraging employees to take the time to care for themselves when needed

We know that wellness looks different for everyone, which is why we offer a holistic and diverse approach.


Our Garden


At the Newmarket Holidays HQ in Surrey, we’re lucky enough to have a spacious garden outside of our building. Following the pandemic when the majority of the staff were working from home, this space had become neglected. The return of people to the office saw the formation of a dedicated team who have worked to enhance the garden, hosting regular events to plant flowers and paint the furniture. Now the outdoor area is more appealing, staff have been spending their lunch breaks away from their screens and catching up with each other.



The Greenmakers Team

Where growing begins

We've created an internal team, the Greenmakers, who are dedicated to raising eco-consciousness and bettering wellbeing amongst our fellow employees. From recycling and composting to water usage and energy awareness in the office and beyond, the Greenmakers strive to improve people’s environmental outlook and approach towards the planet. The garden will remain at the heart of many of the team’s projects, and it’s in this outdoor space that colleagues can come together to improve their wellbeing and connections.



Wellness Wednesdays and Mental Health First Aiders


The introduction of a ‘Wellness Wednesdays’ has created a safe place for employees to add tips about staying healthy, supporting wellbeing, as well as sharing personal stories, which can help others. Additionally, we have three mental health first aiders within the company to provide support to leaders and team members when needed.



Waste-free Wednesdays


Another mid-week initiative that we’ve adopted is ‘Waste-free Wednesdays’. This is a simple solution to help individuals and businesses get involved with waste reduction. We’re achieving it by avoiding printing throughout the day, bringing lunch to work in reusable packaging, using reusable bottles and coffee cups, and purchasing package-free produce.



Additional Eco-friendly Initiatives


  • We dispose of old technology using green companies.

  • Our printer settings are set to double-sided printing, which reduces paper usage by up to 40%.

  • We offer the Government’s Cycle2Work scheme, which is a great way to boost employees’ mental health while reducing emissions.

  • Moving forward, we’re switching to hybrid or electric company cars.

  • The company has adopted a hybrid working approach, so employees are only in the office 40% of their week, reducing travel and the amount of office space we use. The office is also closed on Fridays.

  • Our team of business development managers are encouraged to use technology for appointments and meetings where possible.
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