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North Wales Tours & Holidays

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A gorgeous mountainous area that’s also home to some of the best beaches in Europe, North Wales is an underrated gem of a destination.

Although the region is dominated by the jutting peaks of Snowdonia National Park, holidays in North Wales deliver so much more than great hikes and panoramic views – although those are second to none. 

There are numerous ideal bases in the region for a family-friendly holiday, but it offers more than just a child-friendly experience. North Wales is a great spot for romantic getaways and a knees-up with your nearest and dearest too. 

North Wales holidays mean being a short drive away from stunning sea views on the Llyn Peninsula and filling up on fresh local produce. The town of Bangor acts as a regional centre, and here you can discover numerous great bars and restaurants.

If you’re more of a sand beneath the toes, lounging with a good book beachgoer, the stretches of shoreline here are among the best in the continent, so you’re sure to feel serene after a day at the seaside. And, of course, some of the hikes through Snowdonia National Park are among the most challenging in the UK, although there are easier routes too for those who prefer a gentler, scenic stroll rather than hike.

Things to see in North Wales

To give you a nudge in the right direction, we’ve put our heads together to come up with some of North Wales most impressive sites to explore on a UK tour. 

Things to do in North Wales

So many attractions in North Wales offer visitors from around the world a glimpse into the UK’s rich and fascinating culture. Here's where to begin.

Food and drink in North Wales

Fresh seafood is part of the culinary heritage of North Wales.

While there are plenty of delicious fish dishes to try, the mussels and oysters from the Menai Strait are among the best in the world.

You can’t have a North Wales holiday and not try Cawl, the famous Welsh stew that consists of lamb and vegetables.

Usually made the day prior so the flavours can really sink in, it’s the perfect meal after a day of walking in the mountains.

The best trips to Wales should also include a serving of the country's most famous dish - the Welsh rarebit. While the name ‘rarebit’ derives from rabbit, the dish is in fact a deluxe iteration of cheese on toast.

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