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Join us on a holiday to Lapland

Go in search for Santa Claus in an Arctic wonderland. Join a fun-filled day, in magical Lapland, on an exclusive experience for Newmarket Holidays customers.

Exclusively arranged by Newmarket Holidays, your Lapland experience is an opportunity to enjoy a day like no other. Race through the snowy wilderness on a high-powered snowmobile, and board a traditional sleigh pulled by some of Santa’s reindeer. Experience the thrill of an exhilarating husky-drawn sledge ride over the frozen ground and – the magical highlight of the day – wander down the secret path through the trees to the isolated house that is home to Santa Claus himself!

This wonderful day trip is full of wonder for everyone and plays out in a truly authentic setting as our friendly Lappish hosts welcome you to their pristine homeland, and you discover an entirely different snow-white world.

Fly direct to Lapland on our specially chartered flight – the only 'Santa' flight into Pajala that day. Wrap up against the Arctic chill in the thermal garments that are supplied on arrival, and in no time at all you’ll be heading out into the snow to start your adventures.

Take time to enjoy the family fun of being in the snow for a day, perhaps helping an elf to build a snowman, throwing a few well-aimed snowballs or enjoying a toboggan ride.

The wonders of the day are all the more enjoyable for the fact that this is an exclusive experience for Newmarket Holidays, and because the friendly Lapps going out of their way to preserve the authentic, magical nature of the visit to their beautiful corner of the world.

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Things to do in Lapland

There’s little doubt that your Lapland Santa day break will be one unforgettable experience, full of unique, once-in-a-lifetime experiences that children and adults alike will treasure forever. Here are some of the things we have in store for a promised day full of activity from beginning to end.

Lapland FAQs

First holiday to Lapland? Here are a few questions you might have.

Time Zone
GMT +1
Avg. Flight Time
3 hours
Visa Required
Not required
Swedisk Krona (SEK). GBP accepted during this trip
  • The Lapland Santa Experience day trip by Newmarket Holidays is an ideal way to experience the magic of Lapland.

    Ride in a traditional reindeer-drawn sleigh, enjoy a thrilling ride on a snowmobile, be pulled through the snow on a dog-sled by huskies, have fun in the snow and meet Santa all in one day.



  • Lapland is a region in Scandinavia, comprising about one third of Finland’s total landmass, along with parts of Sweden, Norway and Russia. The northern part of Lapland sits within the Arctic Circle. 

  • Lapland comprises an area of 38,752 square miles, which is larger than the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland combined. Of that area, 35,779 square miles is land.

  • No, Lapland is part of Finland. Despite straddling parts of Sweden, Norway and Russia, most of Lapland is within Finland, with the region encompassing roughly one-third of the country’s total landmass. There are 21 municipalities in Lapland that cooperate in a regional council, occupying seven seats of the 200-seat Finnish parliament. 

  • Lapland has a population of around 177,000, which is roughly 3.5% of Finland’s total population. Lapland is by far the least densely populated region of the country, and one of the lowest in Europe. The population of Lapland has been in decline since 1990.

  • The most widely spoken languages in Lapland are Finnish and Swedish. Sami, a group of related languages, is also common in Lapland. Here are a few useful phrases in each of the three most common languages:


    Hello – Hei

    Goodbye – Hyvästi

    Please – Ole kiltti

    Thank you – Kiitos

    Do you speak English? – Puhutko Englantia?



    Hello –  Hej

    Goodbye – Adjö

    Please – Snälla du

    Thank you – Tack

    Do you speak English? – Pratar du Engelska?



    Hello – Bures

    Goodbye – Báze dearvan

    Please – Leage buorre

    Thank you – Giitu

    Do you speak English? – Hálatgo Eaŋgalasgiela?

  • Unsurprisingly, Lapland is very cold in the winter when temperatures have been known to drop to minus 30°C. Average temperatures in winter (November to April) range from minus 16–3°, so make sure to take a warm coat, hat and gloves if visiting during this period. Summer (mid-May to late July) temperatures can climb to between 10–15°C. On average, snow falls in Lapland between 175 and 225 days per year. During peak winter, the sun rises around 10am and sets again around 2pm, with the long, dark nights ideal for seeing the Northern Lights. By contrast, in summer, the sun does not dip below the horizon at night, creating a polar phenomenon known as Midnight Sun. 

  • In Lapland, they use the Swedish Krona (SEK), for this trip British pounds may be used to purchase drinks, snacks and souvenirs in the small gift shop. Valid credit/debit cards will be accepted but these transactions will be charged in Swedish Krona.

  • Lapland is famous for its vast, pristine wintry landscape, which is carpeted in spruce and fir trees, and arctic wildlife. Roughly as many reindeer as people inhabit the region. As a result, Lapland has long been associated with Christmas, and is home to several Santa villages, where children can ‘meet Santa’. These villages also offer winter activities such as dog-sledding and snow-walking. Thanks to its location in the Arctic Circle, northern Lapland is also famous as a destination for spotting the Northern Lights.

  • Lapland is one of the most remote parts of Europe, but can be reached via road and train from Finland or neighbouring countries. However, it is much easier to fly. There are five main domestic airports in Lapland, at Kemi, Rovaniemi, Kittilä, Enontekiö and Ivalo, as well as several smaller airports for charter flights, including Pajala. 

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