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One of Europe’s most popular holiday paradises, ‘La Belle France’ is a captivating place to explore, where no two regions are the same. A landscape of historic cities, stunning hilltop villages, rolling vineyards, sprawling lavender fields, towering Alps and sun-soaked shores, France awaits discovery.

From the historic streets of Paris to the sun-drenched vineyards of Bordeaux, from the orchards of Normandy and Brittany to the windswept Atlantic coast, and from the lakes and mountains of the Haute Savoie to the Mediterranean shores, every corner of France has its own special charm.

France’s cultural repertoire is vast; some of the world’s finest museums and galleries, be awestruck and historic chateaux and palaces, and see some of Europe’s most astounding modern architectural wonders. Sample la vie Française and turn everyday rituals into unforgettable moments, be it a coffee and croissant  in a Parisian cafe, a walk through lily-clad gardens or enjoying  locally produced wine.

Whether you end up strolling along the pretty, cobbled streets of Paris, riding a cable car to glacial panoramas above Chamonix, or getting lost among the masterpieces in world-class museums, France does not disappoint.

French cuisine is famed the world over, and any holiday in France will offer irresistible food, perhaps washed down with a glass of fine Bordeaux or Burgundy.

Between the countryside and the coast, nature and the cities, there’s something for everyone on a holiday in France.

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Discover a landscape of historic cities, stunning hilltop villages, rolling vineyards, sprawling lavender fields, and sun-soaked shores on one of our tours to France.


Food, fashion, landmarks, great cities … there are many things you must not miss when you visit France. Enjoy a rendezvous with the country’s stunning atmosphere, from the sophisticated, metropolitan buzz of Paris to the slower-paced charms of Provence. Or simply take in the leisurely delights of a cruise along beautiful rivers like the Rhône.


One of the acknowledged crucibles of world cuisines, with a roll call of iconic dishes and fine wines to match, France is a mecca for foodies. Whether it’s for simple breakfast fare of coffee and croissants, long lazy lunches in in brasserie or café, or the gastronomic wonders of haute cuisine in some of the world’s most celebrated restaurants, food in France is justly and widely celebrated, and from the humblest plate to the most eye-wateringly expensive, an important part of any holiday to France.
Wherever you travel, you’ll experience fine food, with each region adding to the overall mix with its specialities, whether soft, ripe cheeses and apple dishes from Normandy, traditional countryside fare of dishes like coq au vin, cassoulet, confit de canard, rabbit or beef bourguignon, rich, calorie-laden, winter-warming alpine dishes like tartiflette or fondue, or the bounty from the sea in dishes like Provence’s famed bouillabaisse, you’re never far from great food in France. With iconic, traditional dishes like escargots, foie gras, cuisses de grenouilles (frogs’ legs) and the simple pleasures of frites and croque monsieur the choice is endless. Wines are grown in virtually every French region, except Normandy, where cidre and calvados rule, and whether it’s champagne from the Epernay, crisp whites from the Loire, the celebrated grands crus of Burgundy and Bordeaux, rosés from Anjou and Provence, the flinty whites of Macon and the earthy Malbecs from Cahors, the choice , from inexpensive vin de pays to the wallet-emptying vintages of the famous chateaux, north, south, east or west, you are assured of fine wine to match the fine food of France.
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