The Heritage of Vietnam & Cambodia - Exclusively Solos

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Specially crafted around included and optional opportunities to engage with local communities, sample regional delicacies and delve into each country’s enthralling past, this solo traveller exploration promises new learnings, flavours and revelations.

The ancient part of Hanoi serves as the starting point for you and your fellow solo travellers, where over a welcome cocktail and traditional Vietnamese dinner, you can first connect. Guided by a friendly tour manager, the like-minded group will venture through Hanoi’s historic highlights, from the revered Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum to the serene Temple of Literature. Continue to sail aboard a charming turn-of-the-century paddle steamer across the serene emerald waters of Halong Bay, complete with squid fishing under the starlit sky and a sunrise tai chi session.

The captivating pagodas, temples and museums of Hanoi can then be discovered by foot or aboard a Jeep, and a visit to the sobering Củ Chi tunnel complex reveals the country’s past struggles. Time spent in the home of a local musician provides insight into Vietnam’s musical history before you cross the Cambodian border at the capital Phnom Penh, adorned with elegant French colonial architecture. Tailor your experience with a cyclo ride (three-wheel bicycle taxi) followed by a sunset cruise along the Mekong River.

A scenic journey into the countryside takes you to the charming market town, Siem Reap, your gateway to the remarkable Angkor Wat, the world's largest religious monument and the enchanting vine-clad 'lost city' of Angkor Thom. Finally, conclude your extraordinary Southeast Asian expedition with an excursion to the local community of Kok Sangke. Gain a deep understanding of their traditions and skills as you observe their way of life, followed by a heart-warming Khmer meal that delivers a perfect ending to your adventure.

What does this price include?

  • 11 nights’ accommodation in Hanoi (2 nights), aboard a Halong Bay paddle steamer, (1), Ho Chi Minh (3), Phnom Penh (2), and Siem Reap (3), plus two nights on plane
  • 11 breakfasts, seven lunches and four dinners
  • Welcome and farewell cocktails
  • A tour of Hanoi
  • A tour of Sung Sot Grotto or ‘Surprise Cave’, Ti Top Island in Halong Bay
  • A cooking class in Halong Bay
  • Tai chi on the sundeck in Halong Bay
  • A tour of Ho Chi Minh
  • A tour of Phnom Penh
  • A Củ Chi tunnel complex tour and a visit to a local resident’s home with a musical performance
  • A visit to Angkor Wat and an excursion to Angkor Thom
  • Village visits along the way to Siem Reap
  • A visit to the Kok Sangke community
  • A cruise across Tonle Sap Lake
  • A visit to Wat Luang Proleung and Kampong Khleang
  • Return flights to Hanoi and from Siem Reap
  • Comfortable, air-conditioned coach travel throughout
  • Escorted by a friendly and experienced local tour guide at each destination

Your Itinerary

View a full breakdown of your holiday to help you plan your trip

  • Today, you’ll set off on an overnight flight from the UK to Vietnam’s capital, Hanoi.  

  • You and your fellow travellers will touch down in Hanoi, where you’ll be welcomed by your friendly tour manager at the airport. You’ll then be transferred to a genteel hotel, positioned in an ancient part of the city.  

    After you’ve unpacked and settled in, you can join the group for a welcome cocktail the perfect chance to mingle and connect over your shared interests. A dinner will then follow, where a local chef will guide you through a cooking demonstration of one of Vietnam’s signature dishes. The prepared menu will have been curated with the season in mind, possibly featuring the likes of grilled beef wrapped in leaves, braised white fish, tofu simmered in a turmeric broth and a coconut and shrimp salad 

  • Following breakfast, you’ll head out on a tour of Hanoi under the guidance of your tour manager. The first stop will be the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, a significant structure dedicated to the memory of President Ho Chi Minh, a revered leader who dedicated his life to the cause of Vietnamese Independence.  

    During your visit, you’ll walk around a tranquil lotus pond and the famed One Pillar Pagoda, which was constructed by an emperor to honour the goddess of mercy. If you’re lucky, you might witness the changing of the guard outside the mausoleum. The tour will continue to the Temple of Literature, which was the first university complex in Vietnam and is dedicated to the Chinese scholar, Confucius. Built in 1070, this splendid complex with majestic gates and intricate architecture encompasses courtyards, gardens and traditional pavilions. Lunch will be enjoyed back at the hotel and the rest of the day is free for self-exploration. Alternatively, you can partake in two optional excursions to enhance your time in the city.  

    You can choose to board an old-fashioned army Jeep and navigate your way through the warren of narrow lanes, passing by the homes of locals, markets and some of the original communist homes of Hanoi. You’ll then be driven into the French Quarter and the Old Quarter, where you’ll see how grand French-style houses have replaced old Vietnamese buildings. A guide will also take you past the green boulevards, the elegant embassy area and landmarks, like the Long Bien Bridge and Hanoi Opera House. Finally, the Jeep will journey to West Lake, the largest lake in the city, ringed by spiritual sites and skyscrapers. As you travel, you’ll also get to sample some local delicacies and drinks.  

    For the foodies, the opportunity to take part in a market tour and cooking class is available. This culinary pilgrimage takes you into the heart of Hanoi, allowing you to soak up the smells and sights of the local market with a guide highlighting regional produce of note. You’ll then call at a beautiful villa and be welcomed with a drink and by a professional chef who’ll explain the ingredients and traditional dishes that you’re going to make. Dishes may vary but will typically include banana flower salad, Vietnamese fried spring rolls and egg coffee. Lastly, you’ll get to taste your efforts, paired with local wines.  

  • Once you’ve had breakfast, you’ll venture off on a scenic journey through the paddy fields to Halong Bay, a natural wonder and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Upon arrival, you’ll board a charming turn-of-the-century paddle steamer, Emeraude and set sail, passing countless limestone pillars and cone-shaped islands, which have made this bay so famous.  

    On route, you’ll have lunch, and the vessel will stop in Sung Sot Grotto, also called ‘Surprise Cave’, the largest and most striking limestone cave in the bay. Weather permitting, you’ll visit beautiful Ti Top Island, hugged by a white sandy beach and encompassing a tree-laden hilltop. Here, you can choose to take a dip in the surrounding emerald waters, go on a gentle hike or see the pearl farm. 

    Back on board and later in the day, you’ll partake in a Vietnamese cooking class and demonstration, where you’ll learn how to make some local delicacies. A buffet dinner will then be served, and if possible, you can try your hand at squid fishing under the stars.  

  • Wake up in paradise and join the fellow early risers to catch the sunrise while tucking into coffee, tea and biscuits. If you wish, you can also enjoy a tai chi class on the sundeck before brunch. * 

    You’ll then pack your bags, disembark and return to Hanoi airport for a short flight south to Saigon. When you’ve arrived, a transfer will take you to your hotel.  

    The rest of the day will be free for you to settle in and explore the area, perhaps enjoying a drink at the hotel’s rooftop bar, which looks out over the city.  

    *Itinerary is subject to change or cancellations due to weather conditions.  

  • Once you’ve had breakfast, you’ll join your tour manager again for a memorable journey through Ho Chi Minh’s highlights. First on the itinerary is a visit to the renowned Vinh Nghiem Pagoda, an expectational structure showcasing traditional Vietnamese architectural style. Inside the main hall, a towering Buddha statue takes centre stage, while the back hall is dedicated to honouring Mother Goddesses, venerable monks, and spirits. 

    Another insightful stop is at the War Remnants Museum, a poignant venue where Vietnam's government has thoughtfully curated presentations, revealing the hardships and atrocities experienced during wartime. Continuing your exploration, the tour proceeds to the iconic Reunification Palace. This historic site holds significance as the place was where, in 1975, a North Vietnamese tank breached the gates, symbolising the conclusion of a war that deeply affected the lives of an estimated 58,000 Americans and three million Vietnamese. 

    You’ll then discover the elegance of the city's Central Post Office, an architectural marvel designed by the esteemed French architect, Alfred Foulhoux. Lastly, you’ll amble along Dong Khoi Street, which featured in Graham Greene's renowned Vietnam novel, The Quiet American. As you walk, you’ll pass the impressive Saigon Opera House that was built in 1901 and served as a shelter for French citizens seeking refuge from North Vietnam in 1954 – the year Vietnam achieved its independence from France.  

  • Have breakfast and board the coach for a drive through the countryside, which was once a stronghold of the Viet Cong. It’s here that the Củ Chi tunnel complex is located, a well-known historical vestige of the Vietnamese revolution. Upon arrival, you’ll watch a short video, providing a glimpse into the lives of soldiers who inhabited these tunnels during the war. 

    This underground labyrinth played a pivotal role in strategic operations, including the renowned 1968 Tet Offensive. Today, they now serve as a permanent memorial of the conflict and are made up of a network of dug outs featuring meeting, living and fighting quarters. You’ll learn first-hand about how the Viet Cong survived the Vietnam War using this complex, and how the tunnels were also used as supply routes and makeshift hospitals for guerrilla fighters.  

    You’ll then return for lunch in Ho Chi Minh before experiencing a unique opportunity of meeting with a resident of the city to gain insight into their lives and go beyond the guidebooks. The group will travel to the home of the chosen resident, Mr Dau, which is crafted from recycled wood and houses a collection of musical instruments that span Vietnam's history. This assortment represents all 54 Vietnamese ethnic groups, a reflection of Mr Dau's genuine passion for music. Hailing from Hanoi, his fascination with music began in his early years, growing up next to a theatre. Defying his parents' aspirations for a career in law or medicine, Mr Dau's story unfolds as he and his family treat you to a personal musical performance within their home. 

    You can choose to spend the evening exploring or join an optional two-hour dinner cruise along the Saigon River to view the city from a different angle. The group will first be driven to Saigon port, where you’ll board the vessel and glide along the illuminated waterway, passing the landmarks, verdant parks and glittering skyscrapers that grace the skyline. A three-course dinner will then be served, promising a blend of Vietnamese flavours. The cruise will travel to Saigon Bridge and turn to offer an extended view of from your window while you savour your meal. Upon your return to the port, you’ll be dropped back to the hotel.  

  • Following breakfast, you’ll check out of your hotel and be driven to Tay Ninh, a captivating destination that paves the way to the Cambodian border and is home to the extraordinarily ornate Great Temple. 

    Once border formalities have been completed, you’ll continue on to the Cambodian capital, Phnom Penh, an enchanting fusion of history and culture within the embrace of French colonial architecture. 

    When you’ve arrived, you can check into the hotel, freshen up and join your fellow travellers for a special included dinner at the rooftop restaurant, with the Mekong River as your backdrop.  

    Please note: It takes five to six hours to drive to the hotel in Phnom Penh offering you ample time to immerse yourself in the changing landscapes between Vietnam and Cambodia.   

  • Kick-start the day with breakfast then embark on a city tour, commencing with a visit to the private quarters of the Royal Palace, the majestic residence of the King of Cambodia. Here’ll you wander through the palace’s northern precincts, discovering the revered Silver Pagoda. This sacred temple is of immense significance to the nation and houses several priceless artefacts. A local Khmer lunch will be enjoyed at restaurant.  

    A short walk away lies the National Museum, a masterpiece of sandstone architecture that elegantly houses the world's most extensive collection of Khmer art. Within these walls, centuries of history and artistic expression come to life, providing a window into Cambodia's rich heritage. Later in the afternoon, you’ll visit the moving Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. Once a high school, the site was transformed into Security Prison 21 (S-21), a symbol of the brutality that marked the Khmer Rouge era. 

    For those seeking to extend the day, an optional evening cruising adventure awaits. As the afternoon breeze offers respite from the heat, you can enjoy a leisurely cyclo ride in a three-wheel bicycle taxi along the river’s edge. You’ll then board a riverboat to watch the sun set across the calm waters and the city. On board, you can purchase drinks and snacks while marvelling at sights like the grandeur of the Royal Palace, the ethereal Silver Pagoda, and the serene Wat Ounalom. 

  • After breakfast, you’ll check out of the hotel and be transferred through the Cambodian countryside to Siem Riep (a seven to eight-hour journey). On the way, you’ll stop for lunch at a local restaurant in Kampong Thom, as well as a few ancient villages. By evening, you’ll have arrived in the colourful market town of Siem Reap, not far from the incredible complex at Angkor Thom.  

    After checking into your hotel, you have another evening at your leisure, or you can watch an optional Apsara dance show. This style of classical dance, which dates back to the 7th century, was originally reserved for royalty, and only preformed during special ceremonies and festivals. You’ll learn how this traditional entertainment is a vital part of Khmer culture while feasting on traditional Cambodian cuisine.  

  • Once you’ve had breakfast, you’ll travel to Angkor Wat, the world’s largest religious structure and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll have a chance to walk around, observing the intricately carved sandstone walls, surrounding moat, and five towers.  

    You’ll continue on to explore the ‘lost city’ of Angkor Thom, the great citadel of the Khmer Empire, which ruled up to half of Southeast Asia for nearly six centuries. Here, amid the verdant jungle, great ruins litter a vast area. Among the most astounding are the Bayon Temple, with its four giant heads and countless other faces carved into the rock, and the Indiana Jones-like, half-hidden Ta Prohm Temple. A local Khmer lunch will be enjoyed at restaurant.  

    Later in the day, the group will return to the hotel, and you can opt to partake in an optional Cambodian circus evening. This excursion will involve going to downtown Siem Reap and watching a show performed by the Phare Cambodian Circus, an NGO that supports disadvantaged Khmer youth with art and performance training. No animals are featured during the event, and instead locals showcase their talents with acrobatics, contortion, aerial ballet, tightrope walking, juggling, mime, drama, and comedy. Although the show is modern in style, it draws on its long history of circus traditions dating back to the 6th century and features nods to folk stories and music.  

  • Following breakfast, you and the group will have the chance to immerse yourselves in traditional Cambodian culture by travelling to the Kok Sangke community. This excursion will start with a visit to the home of a local family who’ll make you bamboo sticky rice and several other traditional Khmer desserts.  

    Next, you’ll watch a blacksmith family demonstrating their traditional skills and techniques, which have been passed down through three generations. You’ll observe them crafting iron into farming materials, like knives, hoes and axes. From here, the tour will walk through the village, and you can interact with the local people, observing their farming activities and crafts.  

    A delicious Khmer lunch cooked by the local community will be served in the afternoon, and you’ll then continue to Wat Luang Proleung, an ancient pagoda, to see locals perform a traditional dance called Chhayam. There’ll be time to wander around the pagoda and receive a blessing from a monk, which is said to bring you good luck.  

    You’ll then head through the rural countryside scattered with picturesque villages to Kampong Khleang, a community built on high stilts across Tonle Sap Lake. Home to approximately 10,000 people, the residence of Kampong Khleang’s main income comes from fishing. The tour will continue by cruise, sailing around Tonle Sap Lake and taking in the beautiful scenery on the banks. Depending on the time and season you visit Kampong Khleang, the landscape will be different, as the lake is tidal.  

    In the evening, you’ll return to the hotel before having a farewell dinner and cocktail at a local restaurant, allowing you to reminisce and share your highlights of the holiday with the other travellers.

  • It’s time for your last breakfast and morning in Siem Reap. Perhaps tick off some remaining sights on your wish-list or join an optional walking tour to learn more about the city with a guide.  

    The Royal Residence is where you’ll begin, and you can view the pretty Royal Gardens and Royal Park. While you walk, keep an eye out for the thousands of bats that cling to the trees throughout the day – a striking spectacle and rare phenomenon. Next is Wat Preah Prom Rath, a colourful Buddhist temple ringed by pagodas, followed by Wat Damnak monastery, which encompasses the Centre for Khmer Studies and one of the largest public libraries in Cambodia.  

    Following on from that, you’ll head to Psar Chas, which translates to ‘old market’ and is the main market in Siem Reap, popular for its food stalls selling Cambodian cuisine. Your guide will lead you through the maze of stalls, pointing out local delicacies and specialities like prahok (a fermented fish paste). 

    To conclude the tour, you’ll visit the APOPO Visitor Centre, a non-profit organisation that trains the highly sensitive Gambian pouched rat to sniff out unexploded land mines. You’ll learn how, with the rat’s assistance, volunteers are able to detect mines throughout the country, and have helped to increase the safety of the residents. An area the size of a tennis court would take a human about four days to search, while the same area can be covered in 30 minutes by one rat. 

    Later in the day, the group will be transferred back to the airport for their flight home.  

  • You’ll land back in the UK with a host of new like-minded friends and memories of a lifetime.  

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