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Justifiably renowned for its people's friendly attitude and warm hospitality, Thailand – the Land of Smiles – welcomes visitors with open arms and big smiles. It’s this very gracious attitude of the Thai people that define this country as a feel-good destination.

From the hotels to the food stalls, Thai hospitality is hard to beat. The cheerful smiles from the locals add a touch of charm to everything that is Thailand. Add the peaceful, spiritual life of the country and you’ll see why it will leave a forever lasting impression.

Visit this country and captivate your senses in tropical landscapes. Hear the frenetic sounds of Bangkok, indulge in the country’s eclectic culinary scene, or find solitude on a remote stretch of white sand in Phuket.

Immerse yourself in Thai culture and watch Thai boxing and folk dancing. Plunge into the depths of local markets across the country to find Thailand’s pulse, visit the lively night bazaars or take pleasure in exploring the country’s many outstanding temples and hidden shrines. For curious explorers; ascend into the hills of Koh Samui or Phuket’s numerable viewpoints for sweeping vistas of the stunning islands.

It’s not just the sunshine, scenery and the ever-smiling locals that make Thailand stand out. It’s also the abundance of cuisine. There are restaurants and stalls to suit every taste, serving a huge selection of Thai food.

White sands, welcoming locals, tranquil temples, incredible food and crystal clear waters are just some of the many reasons you’ll dream and speak of Thailand long after your visit.

Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam
Bangkok's Buddhas, palaces and monuments - A visit to the floating markets at Damnoen Saduak and Cai Rang - A visit to Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon)
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Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam with Singapore Extension
Bangkok's Buddhas, palaces and monuments - A visit to the floating market at Cai Rang - Cruising across the 'Great Lake' of Tonle Sap
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From breathtaking beaches in the south to gleaming temples in the north, you’ll find no shortage of things to see, do and experience in Thailand. Walk the streets of bustling Bangkok and experience the blend of Thai tradition and modern city life. Head north and find your inner peace in spiritual Chiang Mai while you explore this ancient city. Feel the breeze of the tropical winds and soak up the sun as you island hop the southern islands. Wherever you end up in this country, there is always a piece of paradise for you. There are countless attractions and experiences in Thailand; we’ve narrowed down your list of things to the top 3 things to do during your visit.


A dangerously easy cuisine to recommend, Thais build their meals around a balancing of spicy chili, über-sweet palm sugar, wincingly sour limes or tamarinds and salty fish sauce. Focusing on texture, colour and taste, Thai cuisine has a plethora of mouth-watering culinary choices that guarantee to please your taste buds.

By now the UK is well versed in the ubiquitous, though fabulous green curry and equally the national dish of pad Thai but there are a plethora of other dishes worth mention: larb, holy basil and chilli, tom yum soup, fishcakes and massaman to name but a few.

A cuisine built on four bold and intense pillars: sweet, sour, chilly and garlic. You’ll find this powerful combination matched with fresh ginger, powerful herbs and earthy spices throughout the land – though the country is not without its variations. In the north, influences from Laos, China and Myanmar all creep into dishes, while the east takes on the peppery tang that marks out Cambodia’s key dishes.

Serving a huge selection of Thai food, there are restaurants and stalls to suit every taste. Let the world go by as you dine al fresco, in any of dozens of world-class restaurants. Or join the revellers in the area’s lively beach bars and street food stalls.

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