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Take a holiday to Egypt and discover the secrets of the pyramids as you travel to the ancient Land of the Pharaohs.

Located in northern Africa, linking the continent with the Middle East and bordering Israel, Libya, and Sudan, Egypt has one of the longest, richest and best-known histories in the world. Stretching from the vast Sahara Desert to the winding Nile River, Egypt is a land of archeological wonders, vast landscapes, glorious beaches and captivating history.

The Egyptian capital, Cairo is Africa’s largest city, filled with a buzzing atmosphere and steeped in history. Discover Cairo’s treasures, from the world-famous Pyramids and ancient tombs, medieval markets and citadels, to the collections at the stunning Egyptian Museum and wonderous mosques. Visitors to this incredible city will experience a holiday like no other.

A little way outside Cairo you’ll find Giza, and a collection the most iconic ancient wonders of the world – the Pyramids and the ever-enigmatic Sphinx. Further south, the ancient site of Saqqara is the location of the oldest pyramid in the world, the famous Step Pyramid of Djoser (or Zoser) and served as a burial site for over 3,500 years. Other highlights here include the new Imhotep Museum, and the astonishingly preserved tomb of an Egyptian court official – the Mastaba of Ti.

One of the highlights of any Egypt tour is the chance to cruise along the tranquil Nile, passing through a landscape that has stood the test of time, where fishermen still sail traditional feluccas across the river and locals come to its banks to do their washing. As you make your way up (or down) stream, there’ll be opportunities to visit Luxor Temple, see the staggering Temple of Karnak, where its gigantic pillars tower over mesmerized visitors, explore the Valley of the Kings on the Nile’s West Bank, and perhaps even stand atop the vast Aswan High Dam which controls the flow of water from Lake Nasser into the Nile.

Book your Egypt tour with Newmarket Holidays and let our experienced tour managers bring its ancient pyramids and iconic sights to life.

Cairo, Luxor & Nile Cruise
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  • Egypt
  • 7 excursions included
  • 25 meals included
  • Discover the sights of Cairo and visit the Egyptian Museum
  • See Giza's magnificent, monumental Pyramids and Sphinx
  • See the Temples of Karnak and Luxor
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  • Sep 2022 - Nov 2023
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A holiday to Egypt is a timeless journey full of experiences that’ll live in your memory long after you've returned. The country welcomes visitors to its ancient sights and rich history, often giving them stories to tell a thousand times. Whatever your interests, Egypt will captivate you. Here are some of must-see things on your holiday in Egypt. 


Egyptian cuisine combines the best traditions of Middle Eastern cooking with national specialities like stuffed vine leaves, grilled aubergines, kebabs and bean dishes.

Most Egyptian dishes rely heavily on legume and vegetables, mainly from its rich farming land beside the Nile Valley and delta. Cheese is an important staple too (it is thought to have originally come from the Middle East). Albeit a strong vegetarian diet, meat is still widely available, with rabbit, pigeon, chicken, and duck being the most popular.

To get a taste of Egyptian palate, perhaps try Kushari, a popular dish consisting of rice, macaroni, vermicelli, and black lentils and garnished with chickpeas, fried onion, and a spiced tomato-vinegar sauce. Easily available, this rich meal is served in most restaurants in Egypt.
Head to the streets and try ful mudamas – fava beans often served with pita bread or in a sandwich.
Of course, no holiday to Egypt is complete without ta’meya, an Egyptian falafel made of fava beans instead of chickpeas. This treat is bursting with unique and fresh flavours.

Tea drinkers rejoice, as tea is the national drink of Egypt, while beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage.

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