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Scandinavia Cruises

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The lands of the Vikings are best discovered by boat, and there’s no better way to explore Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and the surrounding areas than with a Scandinavian cruise.

Encompassing everything from the famous fjords on the coast of Norway to the tundra of the Arctic Circle, Nordic cruises are a dream trip for many, and no matter what time of year you go you’re sure to see some astonishing sights.

With a Newmarket Holidays Scandinavian cruise you’ll have the opportunity to see some of the world’s most astounding natural phenomena, like the Northern Lights in winter and midnight sun in summer. You’ll also have the option of an additional Baltic cruise, where you can be enchanted by the magical Tallinn, capital of Estonia. Other ports of call include Gamla Stan in Stockholm, with its cobblestone streets which overlook the expanse of the Baltic Sea, the wild but gorgeous Lofoten Islands, and the chiselled Norwegian coast.

Scandinavian cruises also offer the chance to discover various towns and cities in the region, and try some of the local food and drink - a must-do given the gastronomic reputation of the Nordics. Add in the endless slew of museums, galleries, and ancient architectural sights, and you’ll be spoiled for things to do both on and off the cruise ship.

Scandinavian Easter City Break
  • Norway, Sweden
  • Fred.Olsen
  • View Itinerary Map
  • Escape to Scandinavia and explore two captivating cities for a memorable Easter weekend
  • After sailing Oslofjord, take in the plentiful historic, artistic and cultural highlights of Oslo
  • Spend Easter Sunday strolling Gothenburg’s pretty streets, squares, parks and gardens
  • 6 days from £799pp
  • Newcastle
  • Balmoral
  • 28 March 2024

Things to see on a Scandinavian cruise

Things to do on a Scandinavian cruise

Food and drink

Scandinavia is known for its high-end food culture

And nowhere is this more obvious than in Copenhagen. Packed to the rafters with Michelin starred spots, make sure to plan ahead if you want a table at one of the best restaurants in the world like NOMA or Geranium.

While many consider the Nordics to be expensive, one thing that remains reasonable is the price of local beer. Give various brews a try while you’re out there, and you’re sure to come away with a new favourite.

Living near the Arctic circle, as many Scandinavians do, means a distinctive food culture that includes dishes the rest of the country might baulk at, but are well worth trying. Reindeer jerky, seal blubber, and pickled fish are just some of the innovative delicacies that have been sustaining locals in this harsh environment for centuries.

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