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Take a cruise across the Pacific, the biggest ocean on earth, which stretches south from the Bering Sea, past Hawaii to New Zealand and the rugged coast of Patagonia, and east to west from the Philippines and Australia to the shores of the Americas.

Whether you cruise westwards to Central America and the Panama Canal, or sail east to the colourful, chaotic cities of South East Asia and the dense rainforests of Papua New Guinea, a Pacific cruise offers opportunities to discover some of the planet's most perfect tropical paradises. Cruise the South Pacific to the islands and atolls of French Polynesia - tiny Nuku Hiva, Bora Bora with its mountains, lagoons and sublime beaches, and idyllic Tahiti, the most famous South Pacific island of all.

Make friends with the locals in the welcoming communities of the Cook Islands. Stroll through colourful Nuku'alofa on Tonga, and visit the South Pacific's biggest city, Suva, the capital of Fiji's 300-plus islands. Enjoy balmy days at sea, let the lively rhythms and party atmosphere engulf you in the fiesta town of Acapulco on Mexico's Pacific Coast, and discover vast rolling landscapes and Rotorua's bubbling thermal baths in New Zealand - the Land of the Long White Cloud.

The Pacific has a lifetime of locations for you to explore. Why not start now, and book an Australasia cruise across the Pacific with Newmarket Holidays?

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