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Spend lazy days weaving through still, inky waters surrounded by fir forests and steep, rocky cliffs on our spectacular dedicated fjords cruises.

Thinking of setting sail on a Norwegian fjords cruise? Journey through the fjords of Western Norway to discover dramatic cliffs that tower above deep waters permeated by Ice Age glaciers. Complete with powerful waterfalls, charming, sparsely populated villages and enchanting green countryside, it's not surprising that this stunning part of the world is famed for its incredible landscapes. 

Our Norwegian Fjord cruises provide the chance to discover the very best of Western Norway's mesmerising scenery, with the opportunity to view stunning vistas that are only ever visible by boat cruise only. Witness the profound beauty of the Briksdal Glacier, whale watch and explore rich Viking history. Make your way along Sognefjord, the world’s largest and deepest fjord, in one of the most enigmatic parts of Norway. Marvel at the dramatic cliffs of UNESCO-listed Naeroyfjord, and take in the spectacular scenery of Hardangerfjord, another of the world's longest fjords. With winter cruises also available, a visit to the breathtaking Norwegian fjords is an incredible experience at any time of year.

Many of our cruises of the Norwegian Fjords include a visit to Lysefjord, a 42-kilometre long fjord that is home to the awe-inspiring Pulpit Rock, a flat-topped cliff that rises 602 metres from the sea and has become a favourite photo destination for visitors to the region. Elsewhere, the stunning unspoilt landscapes of Geirangerfjord, a Unesco World Heritage Site, delights with its snow-topped peaks, imposing waterfalls, lush greenery and now forgotten traditional farmsteads.

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  • The perfect short break, this five-night escape provides a taste of fjordland exploration
  • You’ve chances to explore Bergen with a local, discover wonders surrounding Olden, and more
  • Experience scenic cruising of Nordfjord, and a sunset sail by Hornelen sea cliff
  • 6 days from £699pp
  • was £799pp
  • Newcastle
  • Balmoral
  • 03 May 2024
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  • Admire the Langfoss and Fureberg waterfalls
  • Enjoy fjordland scenery from the Rauma Railway
  • Tour to the Briksdal Glacier from Olden
  • 8 days from £1399pp
  • Newcastle
  • Balmoral
  • 26 April 2024

Things to see on a Norwegian Fjord Cruise

Things to do on a Norwegian Fjord Cruise

Food and Drink

Being home to hundreds of rivers and lakes, as well as a rich coastline, Norway has plenty of fish and seafood on its menu. Look out for Tørrfisk, or stockfish - a delicacy consisting of unsalted fish, usually cod, dried in the open air.

While cruising Norwegian fjords, don't miss the opportunity to try the country's national dish. Fårikål is a simple but comforting mutton stew made with cabbage and peppercorns.

The quaint fishing villages that line areas such as the expansive Sognefjord are perfect for sampling traditional Norwegian dishes such as reindeer sausage or freshly caught sea trout.

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