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Greenland Cruises

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For those looking for a taste of true adventure, a cruise of Greenland is sure to thrill. From spectacular scenery to once-in-a-lifetime wildlife spotting, this remote destination is truly the stuff of dreams.

Sparsely populated and brimming with astounding vistas, Greenland is one of the few places left on the planet that retains a sense of the unexplored. Indeed, this island sitting between the Arctic and North Atlantic oceans is sure to render even the most seasoned traveller speechless. With its otherworldly fjords, dramatic icebergs and enchanting mountains, it is an incredible place to put your photography skills to the test. A cruise of Greenland also provides the chance to experience spectacular natural wonders from the comfort of the ship, including the mesmerising Aurora Borealis and the remarkable midnight sun during the summer.  

Much of Greenland is covered in ice, yet it is still home to an impressive variety of wildlife. Nature lovers are sure to be thrilled with the animal spotting opportunities available, with local inhabitants including whales; including the rare and elusive narwhal, seals, reindeer, and seabirds. Animals aside, there is an abundance of other spectacular sights. From the Qooroq Ice Fjord to the picturesque town of Qaqortoq, there are enchanting views at every turn. 

The island is also home to one of the world's tiniest capital cities; Nuuk. Here you can learn more about the country's fascinating history in its intriguing museums, as well as taking in the stunning views of the brightly coloured homes that are nestled in front of the imposing Sermitsiaq mountain. Our Greenland cruises make use of a small ship, allowing our guests to journey through narrow waterways and sail away from the usual tourist route for a wonderfully special holiday to treasure forever.

Discovering the Arctic's Wildlife and Remote Landscapes
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  • Experience icebergs and glaciers in Greenland
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  • Visit the Viking archaeological site in L'Anse Aux Meadows
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