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Truly moving rail journeys with Rocky Mountaineer

A voyage through North America should take pride of place atop any holiday wish-list, but what makes it so special?


Rocky Mountaineer, founded in 1990, offer the only premium rail journeys along four glorious routes throughout the Canadian Rockies in the North and American Southwest. With luxury at the forefront of the company’s thinking, each coach boasts glass-dome coaches, reclining seats and professional service from its dedicated Hosts, allowing you to take in the dramatic landscapes in total comfort.  

Unimpeded views  

Famous for its pristine natural beauty, the main attractions of the Rocky Mountains are, of course, the stunning vistas and wildlife that populate the region and that’s where a clever piece of Canadian engineering comes into play. Rather than craning and peering out of regular carriage windows, you’ll enjoy unobstructed views of the striking mountain landscapes through the train’s glass-dome windows that bring you face-to-face with the Rockies’ wilderness with minimal interruptions. For even greater immersion, or a moment’s peace and quiet, why not step out onto the GoldLeaf Service outdoor viewing platform?  

World-class service 

Onboard your train, you’ll be looked after by a team of dedicated Hosts who are well-trained in matching the routes’ dramatic scenery with tales of the region’s history. Each coach onboard your train will be staffed by a minimum of two Team Members who’ll talk you through the most interesting sights and facts as you glide through the mountain landscapes. As an added bonus, each train is also well-equipped for whatever the circumstances of your trip; whether you’re popping the champagne corks for a birthday or anniversary, or simply want to fulfil one of your wish-list adventures with one of their signature cocktails, your Hosts will have you covered. From offering insightful narration of your journey to, ever-importantly, refilling your wine glass, Rocky Mountaineer’s Hosts make your comfort a priority.  

Travel in comfort and luxury  

Uncomfortable seating is the bane of many a rail journey – from minute-long commutes to heritage trains, there is nothing worse than being crammed into your seat with no legroom. With Rocky Mountaineer, however, you’ll be seated in absolute luxury with spacious coach layouts, comfortable reclining seats and ample legroom to keep you as comfortable as possible across your journey. Feel free to stand up to stretch your legs or to get a closer look at the striking landscapes you’ll be moving through and the region’s native wildlife. 

Fine dining on the move 

While the sights are the main draw onboard Rocky Mountaineer, your other senses are treated as equally important – and where better to start than taste? Whether with a delightful spread of breakfast pastries and a fresh cup of coffee to start your morning, or a decadent three-course lunch, meals are served at the guest’s seat in SilverLeaf Service and in the lower-level dining room in GoldLeaf Service. What’s more, while the food takes centre stage throughout mealtime, you’ll still have access to panoramic views of the area’s national parks and snow-capped peaks as you enjoy expertly made local delicacies. Indulge in the freshest produce and shows of culinary excellence with this one-of-a-kind dining experience. 


An elevated take on train travel 

Rocky Mountaineer is not your regular train ride; by day, you’ll glide along the mountain trails, but by night you’ll be able to enjoy true relaxation in a carefully curated selection of hotels throughout Canada’s most vibrant cities. From glittering Vancouver on the west coast to the alpine towns of Banff and Jasper, Canada’s vibrant urban centres offer plenty to see and do in the downtime between each leg of your journey.  

A world of discovery 

They say variety is the spice of life – and that’s certainly true of Rocky Mountaineer products. With four unique packages ready to inspire and captivate, you’ll have plenty of choices to suit your tastes. Here, at Newmarket Holidays, we’re proud to have partnered with Rocky Mountaineer on several escorted tours, including America’s Great National Parks, Canada – Niagara Falls to the Rockies & Vancouver, Five-Star Alaska Cruise & the Canadian Rockies, and Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer, giving you two packages of these two-day rail trip with an emphasis on luxury.  




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