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Five reasons to see André Rieu in Maastricht

Experience a musical phenomenon like no other.


André Rieu takes to the Maastricht stage throughout July for a three-week summer spectacular in his native country. Be prepared to experience a night of magic in Maastricht with André and his Johann Strauss Orchestra today.

The majesty of Maastricht 

Perhaps lesser-known than other Dutch tourist hotspots such as Amsterdam and The Hague, it’s no mystery why so many flock to Andre’s hometown, Maastricht, year after year. Conveniently nestled in the Dutch south, this is a city within a stone’s throw of its Belgian and German cousins, with a well-deserved cultural and culinary reputation.

Amongst the city’s cultural heart sits Vrijthof Square, which plays host to this musical extravaganza. Flanked by bars, cafés and brasseries, the venue is certainly not short of amenities to get you in the mood before you settle into your seats. Set against the imposing backdrop of St. Servatius’ Basilica, the square is steeped in a rich and coloured history and plays the perfect host to the joyous explosion of colour and sound that André and his Johann Strauss Orchestra bring annually.

Here, you’ll find no mega-arena or commercial filler. This is André and his audience, an intimate, personal and magical night of entertainment. Should you wish to experience André at his iridescent best, this is the only place to do it.

Feast for the senses

This isn’t just your average concert either; André Rieu’s Maastricht shows – 15 years in the making – are a feast for the senses. From the rainbow dress of the show’s dancers, waltzing in amongst the audience, to explosions of pyrotechnic colour overhead, this concert is as much a visual celebration as it is a musical one.

That’s not to say that the music is any less impressive – quite the opposite! André and his Johann Strauss Orchestra are masters of drawing emotion and will fully immerse you in their unique brand of magic under the open sky.

Open air under the stars

Another huge point this event benefits from is all to do with its timing – who doesn’t love the summer? By day Vrijthof’s cobbled courtyard is a cultural and gastronomic playground, but by night you’ll find it dressed to the nines in colour, sound and staging.

After enjoying one of Vrijthof’s picturesque cafés - which, it should be noted, close around 4 pm on concert dates - you’ll be serenaded under the open sky in a visually stunning setting. Benefiting from the open air, these events promise a truly intimate experience.

Don’t miss your chance, then, for a true summer celebration that would be the crown jewel of any holiday.


Greatest hits

Of course, we recognise that classical music may not be for everyone, and fear not – André does too! The legendary violinist’s carefully curated setlist blends the well-known classical music that André built his career on with an eclectic variety of iconic West End musical scores and other chart-topping legends spanning a whole range of genres. With such a lively and diverse setlist, this night of musical discovery has something for everyone.

A show like no other

Now, André makes it unenviably easy to run short of superlatives for his Maastricht homecomings, but that’s simply because they are events like no other. From the very first minute, you’ll be welcomed into a world of highly interactive and immersive musical magic. You’ll be joined along this journey by an ever-changing roster of world-famous guest performers – the roster for which is a closely guarded secret for André and his team - meaning you’ll experience a truly unique night of magic in Maastricht.

Make no mistake, though, this is a global event and is selling fast. André’s reputation as not only a world-class musician but also an unforgettable showman draws titans of the music industry and adoring fans alike to his hometown every year and 2024 is no different. Book your tickets with us today to secure your place on the tour!

Get a taste of André’s music with our bespoke Spotify playlist. 

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