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Why Autumn is the best time to visit Canada

From east to west, the Great White North is full of natural beauty - autumn only adds to its appeal. Here’s why.


It’s no secret that Canada is one of the world’s most beautiful places regardless of the time of year, but the rich colours of fall, comforting foods, and sheer range of autumn events make holidaying in Canada during the months of September, October, and November ideal.

As Canadians farewell summer, colours of gold and russet blanket the stunning landscapes. You can see splashes of vibrance anywhere from the cities of Toronto and Vancouver to the Rocky Mountains. Heading out for birdwatching, maple tasting, walking trails, and leaf peeping is perfect in the crisp autumn air. 

Here are the best reasons to visit Canada in the autumn:

Niagara Falls: a portrait of watercolours

Autumn is hands down the very best time to take your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Niagara Falls. At 188 ft high, Niagara falls will be a delight year-round, but in autumn - it’s extra special. Not only have the crowds of tourists thinned out after the summer, but the vibrant orange, russet, and yellow colours of fall totally transform the surrounding landscape, offering a stunning contrast with the rushing waters. In short, The autumn leaves are the perfect framing for the cascades, so get your camera ready.

Also, during autumn, the weather won’t be as harsh as it is in winter, with fewer rain showers and milder temperatures, so you can enjoy a bit of spray without getting too chilly.

Suggested tour: Canada - Niagara Falls to the Rockies

The range of seasonal festivals

Canada really takes on the fall as if it were a project. Across the country, there are festivals devoted to the orange season, including the Grape and Wine Festival which you can check out during your Niagara Falls visit, just be sure to time your trip around the end of September to make the most of these incredible local wine tastings. On a smaller scale, Canada’s smaller towns are dotted with local and friendly fall fairs, which take over the villages with maple tastings, pumpkin carvings, live music, arts and crafts, and much more.

Our product executive Kathy experienced a few of these seasonal events last autumn. You can read about her autumnal experience in Québec City - which involved events such as the Best Pumpkin Competition to ring in autumn - in this blog post.

Suggested tour: Fall Colours of New England and Canada

The comfort foods

While summer might have you reaching for the ice cream, chilled wines, and some hearty summer salads, as the temperatures drop and the leaves fall, you might find yourself reaching for the treats that will make you feel cosy. And that’s what makes Canada perfect for an autumn holiday: the range of comforting, warming foods.

One of our favourites has got to be poutine, the national dish of Canada that originated in rural Quebec during the mid-20th century. This indulgent dish is one of the country’s most famous specialities, made with three key components: chips, cheese, and most importantly, gravy! Check out our recipe for poutine here.

Suggested tour: Canada’s Maple Leaf Trail

The scenic rail journeys

What could be more enjoyable than taking your seat on the Rocky Mountaineer and watching myriad landscapes change right in front of you? During autumn, the stunning peaks of Canada’s Rocky Mountains are more breathtaking than ever, surrounded by warm-toned trees, and the lakes, including Lake Louise, have turquoise waters contrasting with glaciers and autumnal leaves.

The entire rail journey is nothing short of breathtaking. Meander across the beautiful landscapes, the highlights include passing towering Mount Robson, the Rockies’ tallest peak, the roaring Pyramid Falls, and heading through the scenic regions of the Monashee and Caribou mountains. Look closely and you might spot bears preparing for the winter!

Suggested tour: Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer

Excited to indulge in warming treats and ever-changing landscapes this autumn? Check out our full range of escorted tours and holidays in Canada today.

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