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From Iguazú to Sugarloaf: Brazil's most picturesque locations

In a country dominated by the Amazon River and its surrounding jungles, it makes sense that there are plenty of destinations where you can get the perfect shop.


Seeing as though it occupies half the landmass of South America, it will not shock you that Brazil is home to a variety of striking landscapes. Stretching approximately 2,700 miles from north to south, the fifth largest country in the world (accounting for one third of Latin America’s population) is a diverse tapestry of wetlands, soaring peaks, pine forests, and intersecting rivers. Of course, we can't forget the biodiversity haven that is the Amazon, the world’s largest rainforest, which lies to the north of the nation.

Travellers flock to Brazil for a glimpse of these stunning natural sights, and the most enthusiastic of explorers crave a few memories to take home. This brings us to the country’s most picture-worthy locations. From the untamed Iguazú Falls to the pilgrim’s favourite, Christ the Redeemer, here’s where to snap the perfect holiday shot in Brazil:

Sugarloaf Mountain

Make your way up to Sugarloaf Mountain in de Janeiro for spectacular 360-degrees of the city of Rio below. The mountain, which rises to 1,299 feet, is best visited at sunset via the scenic cable car that will allow you to gradually take in the busy Guanabara Bay, the dynamic cityscapes, and of course, Christ the Redeemer, with his arms raised over the city below.

Christ the Redeemer

It wouldn’t be Rio without the Redeemer. Watching over Rio, one of Brazil’s most popular cities, is none other than Jesus Christ. Well, in statue form. The 98-feet high figure, known as Christ the Redeemer, was constructed in 1931 within the bounds of Tijuca National Park. It was intended to be a symbol of love and of the reach of Christianity. It sits atop Corcovado Mountain and is best accessed by cog train, a mountain rack railway, which will transport you through forests and steep mountainous scenery. The journey is a photo-worthy experience in itself.

Iguazú Falls

These waterfalls are no ordinary cascades. Iguazú lies at the confluence of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, with the longest drop being an incredible 269 feet long. Adventure through the verdant forests of UNESCO-listed Iguazú National Park. It doesn’t take a botanist to see that these ecosystems are sustained by the abundant spray of the nearby falls. A little journey over to the Argentinian side of the park will have you in the presence of big cats, monkeys, tapirs and colourful birds, so be sure to make time (and save enough space on your camera roll) for that part of the experience.

Lençóis Maranhenses

Here’s one for the avid photographers. The stunning Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is sure to take your breath away. These almost blindingly-white sand dunes paired with sapphire blue waters are somewhat of a natural wonder, with some dunes rising to 130 feet.

We would recommend booking a helicopter flight to get an even better glimpse of the dunes below - just make sure to have that camera firmly secured.

Visit Brazil on a tour with Newmarket Holidays. Our trip, South American Explorer: Brazil, Argentina and Peru, will see you covering off the big hitters: Rio, the falls, and more. 

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