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6 unique dishes to try on a holiday in Albania

Enjoy the rugged mountain peaks and the glittering coastline while feasting on refreshing, unique dishes.


Albania’s unique and varied cuisine changes depending on what region you’re holidaying in. In the North, you can enjoy dishes featuring plenty of vegetables, meat, fish, garlic, and onions. Some of the staple vegetables include potatoes, carrots, maize, beans and cabbage. As you venture to the coastline, you can expect a seafood-rich cuisine, featuring more dairy, citrus, and olive oil.

If you don't know where to start, here are some of our top picks when it comes to Albanian eating:

Tarator - cucumber soup 

If you have been to India and enjoyed cooling raita with a curry or feasted on a kebab with a dollop of tzatziki in Turkey, you might just love tarator. In Albania, you can enjoy this refreshing, cold soup - made up of yoghurt, shredded cucumber, dill, and salt - before tucking into a tasty meaty starter.

Petulla - fried doughnuts

If you have never been able to say no to doughnuts for dessert, then you’ll be a fan of petulla. This tasty snack is very simple, bite-sized pieces of fried dough, but it packs a punch depending on what you pair it with. Locals usually opt for cheese or honey, so it depends on what you’re feeling like.

Flija - baked pancakes

Flija is the kind of dish you could enjoy as a hearty breakfast or an easy, fuss-free dinner. These Albanian layered pancakes, made with flour, eggs, salt, and are stacked on top of each other and baked on an open fire. You can enjoy it with pickles or ajvar (a roasted pepper spread) or jam or honey if you’re craving something sweet.

Fërgesë - summer tomatoes

One of the most common traditional meals you might come across on your Albanian holiday is fërgesë, which is made from ingredients including garlic, green peppers, tomato, and feta. It’s usually enjoyed cold in the summer months. Make sure you try it with some fresh Albanian bread.

Tavë kosi - baked yoghurt

Also enjoyed in the neighbouring countries of Greece and Macedonia, Tavë kosi is a hearty, rich mixture of lamb, rice, yoghurt, and eggs baked. It’s the perfect comfort meal if you need some slow moments on your trip.

Speca te mbushur - stuffed peppers

As peppers grow abundantly in Albania, they factor into a lot of the national dishes. One of the tastiest pepper-based dishes to try is speca te mbushur, which are peppers filled with onions, mixed herbs, tomato, and beef, and then roasted.

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