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Tickets and Travel Documents

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Boarding passes, Final Travel Details, tickets, insurance and travel documents.

  • As a Group Tour Operator, we often book several different passengers onto a flight in one group reservation. When checking in for your flight, you may notice that other passengers have not filled in their advance passenger information (API). This may result in a delay in printing your own boarding passes.

    Please be assured that we monitor this situation constantly, and that boarding passes will be available to all passengers in advance of their departure date.

  • Approximately one week before your departure date you'll receive your final travel details, either through the post or by email. These will include information about where you will be picked up and at what time, flight details if relevant, and everything else you'll need to know before you travel.

    For theatre shows, concerts and sporting events, your event tickets will be given out by the Tour Manager or coach driver once you have arrived at your destination.

    Passengers making their own way to an event will receive their tickets at their hotel.

  • Many airlines now operate a ticketless system, and so your final travel details will include an Electronic Ticket (E-ticket) number. Simply take your final travel details with you when you check in, and show this number to the check-in clerk. One number will cover your whole party on the outbound and inbound flight with the same airline.

  • All Final Travel Details for holidays and breaks travelling by rail should include tickets. In the unlikely event that you haven't received any, please contact our Customer Services Department on 0330 160 7707

  • For holidays and breaks travelling by coach, any tickets that you need will be given out by the Tour Manager or coach driver. For holidays where you organize your own travel (what we call Make-Your-Own-Way Breaks) any tickets that you need will be given to you at your hotel.

  • Yes, it is a condition of booking that all people travelling overseas with us have suitable travel insurance. We offer insurance at a competitive price, so please call 0330 160 7707 for more details.

  • All holidays and breaks to overseas destinations require a passport valid for three to six months after the date of return travel, depending on the destination. A passport (or at least photo ID) is also required for internal UK air travel. A valid passport is also essential for all our cruises, and British Citizens must hold a full 10-year passport, issued in the UK, and valid for at least six months after the return date of the cruise.

  • There are three possible reasons why you might not receive an email from us that you were expecting:

    1. An incorrect email address
    The most common problem is a simple typing mistake - either spelling errors, or "" instead of ".com" etc. To check the email address we have for you, simply sign in to our online booking management system ('Manage My Booking') and go to the 'Change my personal details' page. If you change the email address here, a 'Booking Update' email will be sent to the address you've entered.

    Click here to visit Manage My Booking.

    2. Email filters set too high
    Particularly common with Hotmail and BT Internet accounts, this makes your email account filter out all automatically generated email - including ones from us. Try temporarily switching off or lowering the setting on your 'junk mail' or 'spam' filter. Alternatively, you can add our addresses,[email protected] and [email protected], to your email Contacts or Safe List.

    3. An unaccountably lost email
    This isn't very common, but if it does seem to be happening and nothing else has worked, please give our Customer Services Department a call on 0330 160 7707 (calls charged at local rate).

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