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Payment and Booking Amendments

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Payments, balance reminders, receipts, cancellations and managing your booking.

  • If you have booked with us directly, you can pay your outstanding balance in full or in instalments, with your credit or debit card, through our secure, online booking management system, called 'Manage My Booking'.

    Click here to visit Manage My Booking.

  • You will be sent a Payment Reminder email before your final balance is due. This email will contain a link to our online system ('Manage My Booking'), where you will be able to pay your outstanding balance online with your credit or debit card. 

  • An initial Confirmation of Booking is sent out by email when you book, and any changes made to your booking (such as purchasing optional excursions) will generate a revised confirmation. You will receive email confirmation of any balance payments made.

    In line with our sustainability values, all communication is via email.

  • Contact us by email us at [email protected] Cancellation charges will apply as detailed in our Terms and Conditions of Booking.

    You may cancel your booking or part of it once it has been confirmed.  If the cancellation results in a person travelling alone, a single room supplement is payable. The amount payable on cancellation depends upon when we receive your instructions - the more notice you give, the less we will charge. The different periods before departure date within which instructions are received and the amounts of cancellation charge (shown as a percentage of the total holiday price excluding insurance premium which is not refundable) are as follows, applicable to Newmarket Holidays tours. Cancellation charges for River Cruises and Ocean Cruises are different.

    Charge prior to Balance Due date* = Deposit and any amendment fees incurred
    Balance Due date - 56 days before departure = 35% or deposit paid (if greater than 35%)
    55 - 49 days before departure = 50%
    48 - 35 days before departure = 75%
    34 - 16 days before departure = 90%
    15 - 0 days before departure = 100%

  • It is important that the names and titles given on any travel documents match those on your passports exactly (we do not require middle names). Please check that the genders, salutations, first names and surnames of your party shown on your documentation match the passport information (middle names are not necessary). If they do not, you can correct the details online through our secure online booking management system ('Manage My Booking').

    Click here to visit Manage My Booking.

    If you're unable to access our online booking management system, please call our Customer Service team on 0330 160 7707 so that they can make the corrections for you.

    Amendments must be made as soon as possible, and we regret in some cases charges may be levied in accordance with our booking conditions. We cannot be held responsible should the airline charge you or refuse to carry you.

  • Signing in to 'Manage My Booking' is easy and secure. To sign in successfully you will need three things:

    1. Your six-character Booking Reference
    Your Booking Reference number should start with a letter, and look something like this: 


    It can be found in the third line of your Booking Confirmation email, or to the right of the postal address near the top of the paper invoice if you received one through the post. (On paper invoices the Booking Reference is followed by a slash, a number, a dash and two or three letters. These are not part of your booking reference and are not needed when you sign in.) 

    2. The surname of the Lead Passenger
    This will be the surname given in the first line of your Booking Confirmation email, or at the top of the postal address on your paper invoice if you received one through the post. 

    If you have previously changed the surname of the Lead Passenger, either by telephone or through 'Manage My Booking' , please use the updated surname as given in the update Confirmation email or paper Invoice that you should have received. 

    The lead passenger will be listed as 'First Passenger', 'Passenger One' or 'Lead Passenger' inside 'Manage My Booking'. 

    3. The departure date of your holiday
    Your holiday Departure Date can be found in the second line of your Booking Confirmation email, or on the third line of the printed text in the 'Details of Invoice' panel on your paper Invoice if you received one through the post. 

    Please make sure that you enter all of these details completely and correctly before you click on the 'Sign In' button. 

    Click here to go to Manage My Booking.

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