Optional Extras

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Booking optional excursions, airport parking, pre-flight hotels and lounges.

  • Yes. You will receive details of these from Fred Olsen. Cruise Line or Ambassador Cruise Line directly, in advance of travel.

  • If our excursions haven't already sold out when you arrive in your holiday destination, you will be able to book them with your Tour Manager, but to avoid disappointment and to enjoy a pre-booking discount), we suggest that you sign in to our online booking management system ('Manage My Booking') and book your excursions there. 

    Click here to visit Manage My Booking.

    If you have booked through a travel agent, please consult them to add any optional excursions to your booking, as we are unable to speak with you directly.

  • Yes, you can. We offer great deals on airport car parking, airport hotels and lounges. At some airports you can also pre-book "fast track security". Call our Holiday Planners for more information.

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