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Flight Information

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Terminal information, seat booking and arrival times.

  • For long-haul holidays, seating in economy class cannot be pre-booked. Once you receive your final travel documents, some airlines will permit you to allocate your seats. The procedure for doing this will vary between airlines, but will be clearly shown on your documents. In most cases you will need to contact the airline and pay any costs directly to them. If your holiday is flying with Air Transat, we will be able to help with pre-booking your seats at a charge that will vary depending on the seats required. Airlines operating UK Domestic and European routes will allocate your seats when you check in, and so we are not able to pre-book seats on their flights.

  • You will receive details of the terminal you are flying from with your final travel documents, which are sent approximately one week prior to your date of departure. Alternatively, you can visit the websites below to find out which terminal different flights normally depart from. 

    London Gatwick Airport

    London Heathrow Airport

    Manchester Airport

    There are only a few UK airports that have more than one departure terminal, so if your airport is not on this list, you will simply need to proceed to that airport's 'Departures'.

  • For Domestic and European holidays, the recommended check-in time is two hours before your flight. For Transatlantic and other Long-haul destinations, you should check in three hours before your flight. If you are travelling by Eurostar, check in will be 45 minutes before departure.

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