Our Partnership with Just a Drop

Changing the lives of children in South America


Founded in 1998, Just a Drop has encouraged travel and tourism businesses to give back to the communities they operate in. Across the globe, 785 million people don’t have access to safe water and drinking dirty water makes people ill, holds back development and makes it harder for communities to escape the poverty trap. With the help of the community-owned, sustainable, and carefully monitored projects they create, the charity has now reached over 1.9 million people across 32 countries.

We’re incredibly excited to have partnered with Just a Drop to have a real, tangible, and sustainable impact through the construction of a latrine block at a local school in Nicaragua, South America.

Across Nicaragua, latrine and handwashing facilities are limited, which leads to open defecation and increases the risk of disease. In addition to this, only 6% of schools have gender-specific toilets – this prevents girls from having the privacy they need when on their periods and causes them to drop out of school.

Los Calpules School is in a remote area of Nicaragua. The school currently has latrines, but they’re old, unclean, and dilapidated, meaning that the children are often forced to defecate outside rather than use the toilets. This creates a serious hygiene and sanitation problem and means that there are high levels of diarrhoea, and the students are forced to miss out on school due to illness.

With Just a Drop, we’ll help build two double-pit latrines (one for boys and one for girls) and one single pit latrine (for teachers). We’ll also install handwashing facilities in the school. Having access to clean water and handwashing facilities enables the schools to protect themselves from Covid-19. It also means that the children especially will benefit from increased health, improved performance in school and in the long term, improved economic opportunities. As with all Just a Drop’s projects, the community are involved at every stage and will own and maintain the solution.

Our project with Just a Drop aims to achieve the following:

  • Children will be healthier and attend school in a more hygienic environment.

  • More children can access an education and have access to toilets and handwashing facilities.

  • Girls, in particular, will benefit, as they’ll be able to access adequate toilet facilities when on their periods – this will enable them to remain in school and not at risk of dropping out.

  • Hygiene practices, such as hand washing, become common, leading to long-term health benefits.

  • Families have more disposable income as they’re no longer spending money on expensive doctors’ bills.

  • The project will prevent open defecation.

Our virtual cycle race fundraising event



In March 2023, we held a virtual cycle race to fundraise for new school latrines in Nicaragua.

Around 50 employees, including the chief executive Niel Alobaidi, spent a day on exercise bikes in the office to cycle 297 miles – equivalent to the width of Nicaragua.

We staff split into two teams, Team Managua and Team Granada, named after cities in Nicaragua, to see which could do the most miles. Staff were sponsored by friends, family, and industry colleagues to take part, and we successfully raised over £5,000.

Newmarket Holidays is a really valuable, new partner for us, and they understand how important it is to give back to communities.”

Fiona Jeffery, Just a Drop founder

To donate, visit Newmarket Holidays’ JustGiving page


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