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Dotted with ancient architecture, home to pristine national parks and blessed with a glittering, island-dotted coastline, beautiful Croatia knows how to dazzle its visitors. Think sapphire seas and emerald cliffs, tumbling waterfalls and rugged mountains, and historic settlements beneath forested hills. Holidays to Croatia are amongst some of Europe’s best kept secrets.

Dive into the warm waters of Croatia and discover its thousand islands on the idyllic Adriatic Coast. On the mainland, the shallow blue waters and beaches of the Makarska Riviera beckon you to its blissful shores, while just off the coast; more than a thousand stunning islands vie for your attention. See Croatia’s most famous beach, Zlatni rat, on the island of Brac, or mingle with the gliteratti on the island of Hvar, famous for its glamorous harbours and trendy nightlife.

Not just a land of pristine waters and beautiful beaches, Croatia is also dotted with historic architecture, exceptional hills, mountains and forests. Croatia’s scenery ranges from lofty mountains blanketed in pine forests to rolling hills draped in vineyards. Your holiday to Croatia can be full of adventure. Hike over the craggy peaks and river canyons of the Dinaric Alps, or cycle along the back roads through Istria’s rugged landscapes.

Further south, discover the gushing waterfalls of Krka National Park, or kayak on the scenic lakes of beautiful Mljet Island. One of the country’s biggest draws is UNESCO-listed Plitvice Lakes National Park, a verdant oasis of forestry, cascading lakes and interconnecting waterfalls. Here, you might spot rare birds, deer, wild boar and brown bears.

Croatia’s culture is a mix of influences from past ruling kingdoms. Soak up the rich history in Split, home of the Roman Palace of the Emperor Diocletian, or stroll through the UNESCO-listed Old Town of Dubrovnik, where a sea of red roofs and church spires form the skyline.

Come with us on an escorted holiday to discover the beauty of this stunning Mediterranean idyll.

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Unveil the undiscovered beauty and charm of Croatia on one of our tours.


From its scenic coastlines and spectacular national parks to inland villages and historic towns and cities made for exploring, holidays to Croatia offers visitors and array of opportunities. With seven UNESCO World heritage sites, and eight national parks, the country provides various opportunities for stunning views, along with delicious food and excellent wines. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most interesting things to do during your holiday in Croatia.


Each region of Croatia has its own distinct traditions, while taking culinary influences from neighbouring nations. Italian, Hungarian, Turkish and Greek cuisines are popular in Croatia, making its dishes as diverse as its landscapes.
In the north, tuck into hearty dishes such as Peka, a combination of meat or fish and vegetables cooked in a dome-shaped pot, or Strukli, an indulgent, doughy pastry traditionally filled with cottage cheese. In the south, feast on fresh, juicy seafood paired with locally-produced wines, and snack on bread dipped in locally-pressed olive oil. Enticing seafood dishes, hearty ham and rich pastries are popular in coastal regions. Make sure to try buzara, a delicate seafood dish, thickened with breadcrumbs – a common dish in coastal Croatia. Enjoy typical Mediterranean cuisine along the Dalmatian coast, with olive oil, garlic and plentiful herbs and spices flavouring many dishes. Most dishes in Croatia can be found anywhere in the country, with each region adding its own special twist. You will discover a rich and varied cuisine. Complete your Croatia holiday with some wine and truffles.
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